Drunk Stories

Well if you could figure it out by the title of the page, this is where we all dignity and tell the best drunken story that we can vaguely recall. If you would like to submit a drunken story of your to be posted -click here- . To get the idea of what we're looking for, I have decided to write the debut drunken story.

Matt's Night at a Country Bar

A night that involves "country dancing", drinking (of course), police, fireman, RA's, hall coordinators, paramedics and one stupid-ass roommate.

Here's my classic drunk story, fellas...

Here is a truly good drunk story submitted by Jon Apgar.

Drunken Short Story #1

This is the classic tale of Doc's intoxicated trip to the grocery store.

UT vs. A&M Game '98

The classic tale of Eric Cummings first and last experience with sour mix.

The Cleburne Incident

Eric tells the story of our group's journey into Cleburne.

Drunk in Austin

This is Josh's unbelievable tale that actually happened.

Naked Cop Chase

This is Will from UT's crazy story from back in his high school days.

Mardi Gras

This is Chad from A&M's crazy story from Mardi Gras 2001 in New Orleans.

My Drunken Story

This is what a drunken story is all about.

. . . all in a minivan

Mailbox smashing in a minivan.

What's behind door #3?

Drunken story that involves going to Green Bay on opening game night, getting drunk, getting lost, ending up walking around in the middle of downtown, climbing a building and sleeping on the roof and hitch-hiking home.

Drunk in Rockport

Nothing beats a drunken roadtrip.


Results of downing an entire bottle of Fireball.

Pour fool in a stall

Puke + Urinal = mess

A usual drunken Friday in Sydney, Australia

Just another usual drunken Friday in Sydney, Australia