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Mardi Gras

This story took place at mardi gras in New Orleans this year. Not wanting to spend too much money, i decided it would be best if i got drunk before going to the parades. So i proceeded to do a seven in seven(seven shots in seven minutes). Not realizing how drunk i was, until we get down there, and i get out of the back of the truck. Now immediately, I go and buy a beer. We do the normal walk around, buy some drinks blah blah. Well then a friend of mine and I meet this girl on a balcony, and she told us what room she was in. So we gather up the troops, and head into this hotel. We dont listen to the people that work there, and just run by, and go upstairs. We knock on the door, and the girl is shocked that we made it up. She tells us that it is her bosses place, and that we can't stay. I however feel that i can convince her boss into letting us chill at this place for a while, so i barge in and ask whos place it is. I'm soon greeted, and told that I can't stay because there are too many of us. One of my friends had made his way in the room as well, and hearing that we can't stay, he becomes a little upset. That's when he spots the 1.75 liter bottle of vodka and decides that it should be stolen. So we walk out of there with far more alcohol than we entered with. We also nabbed a walkie talkie and some cork pourers from the hotel as well. Back on the street, the drinking started. I spotted a team of women rugby players from Delaware, and thought it would be a good idea to talk to them(dont remember this at all). So we are talking to them for a little while, when i say "I think it would be best if i just went over there." And then i walked off. I did however return and tell my friend that i needed a mcdollar to go piss (found out later that Mcdonalds was charging a dollar to use the restroom). He refused, and i stumbled off into the crowd once again. Another of my friends also got separated, and we evidently ran into each other. Where i told him to get out of my way, so i could get some water from foot action. In between the two times of contact with my friends im not too sure what happened. I know that I drank a red drink, and got lots of beads (not sure what I did for them). And then I remember when i started thinking again, and realized that I was lost. But my brilliant mind was hard at work, and I came up with the plan to go downtown, because there would be less people, and so my friends could find me easier (and it made perfect sense that my friends would be driving downtown to look for me.) Well after my trek through the ghetto, and a couple of encounters with some street toughs I made it down town. And after an hour or so of wandering. I decided i wasnt going to be found, and so that i should find a place to go. And where better than the emergency room? It was the only place open at 3 a.m. So i go in and talk to this cop that works there, and he asks me where i need to go. Now I didnt know where i was sober, so i was even more lost now. I told him that i didnt know where it was, or what the phone number was, but that the girl's name was Rachel. He called my friends cell phone number for me, but he obviously didnt have it on him. So the cop tells me to sit down and sober up (got to love lousiana cops). I continued calling my friends until 8:30 in the morning when they finally came and picked me up and told me of the events of the previous night. Oh, and the next night was the "great american keg heist" or so we named it. We stole a full keg out of the middle of bourbon street. However this is all ready far too long.

Chad Gorball

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