Old Posts - July 2002

Old Posts - July 2002

Xmas in July
Tuesday Jul 30th 1:40pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Yes, that's right. Last Friday we had a Christmas in July party. We had full decorations with stolen Christmas Tree, great ornaments,and all. We even got presents (well some of us did. apparently I was a bad little boy this year b/c I didn't get anything). Barron was hoping for a good present and he got just was he was wishing for. John Acord was looking for some new material to look at and Heather got it right on the number with these magazines. Kelly was also excited about all the gifts. And then in the midst of more porno gifts than a Spencer's franchise, Santa himself showed up. He read us some rhymes and then stayed for a little drinking. Bill was so excited that Santa showed up that I think he wet his pants. Then there was a heated game of twister which ended in a little wrestling match. From there is pretty fuzzy but we can clearly see that Timon got raped, Adela and Alexis enjoyed the huge penis, while Corrine and Julie let us all know that they don't just worry about size. Click here to see all the pictures from the night.

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Two Years of Partying and Making Fun of Tech
Saturday Jul 27th 12:00am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It seems like we've been online since the creation of the internet, but TamUt.com reached the 2 year mark today. Sure, this post is coming a day late, but I had some very important work to do yesterday. By important work, I of course mean that I was drinking heavily at a family reunion and winning a 42 tournament(damn straight). I figure the best way to celebrate our two year anniversary is to show some stats from our first two years and to show some stuff that you newbies probably missed.

Stats and Such

Posts: 631 (including this one)
Message Board Posts: 4000+ (on the new system)
Pictures: 4000+
Crazy Drunk Stories: 10
Rants: 30
Dumbfucks: 11
Jokes: 200
Drunken IMs/Emails: 13
Friends' Quotes: 63
Homerisms: 194
Potential Lawsuits from UT: 1

Brian's Favorites

Favorite picture with Pantera
Favorite party with Hooters waitresses at a bar
Favorite Box Social
...and still my favorite group picture at a party

Matt's Favorites

Best Day of my life (21st b-day): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Favorite Drinking Picture
Goofiest man ever, Dan Turney
Time I felt on top of the world the MOST - bar hopping with this crew on my b-day
Time I felt on top of the world the LEAST
Most ackward picture
Best flippy cup team ("Team Shocka!")
Best rant: 'Dormitories'
Most handy page to drinking (or Texas) newbies
Stupidest idea ever - posing drunk on a cop car
Only potential TamUt mascot suggested - (but never inducted)

Sarah's 21st...a week ago
Friday Jul 26th 12:35pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Crazy Ass Megan

I'm not even going to check to see how long it has been since I last posted. It is the summer, and so I have a license to be lazy. Plus, my writings about my gambling experiences just are not that interesting. This past Saturday was Sarah's 21st in Houston. You can't go wrong with tons of hard liquor, two margarita machines, and a keg. And let's not forget the supply of fajitas that could have fed a few small nations. It was quite nice, and you can check out the pics here.

Tomorrow shall mark the two year anniversary of TamUt.com being on this thing called the internet. Tomorrow, I shall post some facts about our first two years, some links to popular old posts, and outline my plan for selling tacos over this internet site. I think I'll even change the poll.

Stupid Marshmallows
Monday Jul 22nd 9:06pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Yea, I got drunk

Yea well I think I mentioned this a long time ago, but I just have to say that it takes a certain kind of webmaster to post the above picture. A webmaster that has no shame and promotes the sport of fucking with drunk, passed-out people and posting the pictures on the web. Even if it's the webmaster himself. With that said, camping last friday was a damn good time. In the midst of drinking more than any offensive line should consume in an evening, we roasted some wieners and plastic bottles, fucked with an innocent drunk, and played in the lake (which is where I *think* I got all the gashes that look like I tried to kill myself). Apparently after they put the marshmallows all over me, they woke me up and I started eating the marshmallows (not off the sausage, off my face and neck). At the time it seemed like the logical thing to do to get it off, but I now see why it was so funny. And that about wraps up what I remember from the night. Click here to see all the pictures. And remember that you can go here to see all the Wisconsin pictures posted from the summer.

Monday Jul 15th 12:59pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Here are the two videos I was talking about below. Good good stuff.

Oh, we didn't know you were in there
So you're gonna hit me with the ball will ya?

Pics not to show your kids
Wednesday Jul 10th 10:04am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
The Crew

Well I don't think I've ever added 7 pages worth of pictures at once ever before, but here we go, starting with the oldest.

On Wednesday June 26th and 27th, a small crew of people went to Country USA in Oshkosh. I didn't go, but got all the pictures. I don't know which one is cooler, a tail-gater's dream or country boys eating turkey legs. Click here to see all the pictures from Country USA.

Well the very next day on the 28th we had to have Bill's pre birthday party. I'd say about 50 people showed up (so about half the college age population of Neenah) and played plenty of speed quarters. One person had at least a few too many pink flamingo bongs. And the night just wouldn't be complete without Neidens jumping into a bush and Bill getting an MIP one day before his 21st b-day, that is just shitty (but kind of his own damn fault). Click here to see all the pictures from the party. And the very next day ......

We're at it again. This time it's the eve of Bill's b-day and we did some Saturday night bar hopping. Bill made it to 23 shots for the evening, and still had enough energy to dance home; that, my friend, is impressive. Highlight of the night can be found where Bill got hooked up with a *cough* real hot chick (Timon, Bill says 'just wait.... just wait'). Click here to see all the pictures from the bars.

The following Tuesday July 2nd we headed out to a Timber Rattlers AAA baseball game for $1 beer night. Of course we had to tail-gate prior to the game. But I wonder if baseball players get a tear in their eye from us throwing a football around while tailgating a baseball game. While at the game there was way way too much beer spilled. Best part of the night was the huge brawl on the field. I have a video clip of it, but I need to convert it to a smaller format. Oh, no, actually the best part of the night was Timon and Kalpesh slamming the port-o-potty with Jill inside. I have a video of that too. I'll get those up real soon b/c it is just too damn funny. Afterwards, some people went to a bar (on a Tuesday, mind you). Click here to see all the pictures from the game. And the very next day . . . .

We trucked on down to Summerfest. A few people had a couple of drinks on the way down (not the driver of course). From there a small crew of us played "i never" at Julie's place and found out more than we ever need to know about each other (some people there like to do stuff with parents in the room). From there it gets a little fuzzy but there was plenty of licking, couch tipping, and water pouring. The next morning we went to Cracker Barrel where Max got his glass of "OOOOOO J". Click here to see all the pictures from the game. And later that day . . . .

Was the 4th of July, where we played speed quarters and then went bar hopping and saw some fireworks. But I don't have enough good pictures from this day to post so we'll move on to the next day where . . .

Went to Summerfest again. This time to celebrate John's 21st b-day (what better excuse to drink?). The bus ride to the fest was probably the coolest bus ride I've ever been on thanks to a drunk, obnoxious guy and a couple of girls. We saw Lit, Ore, and Rusted Root at summerfest and left pretty quick so we could make it to the bars. I'm getting pretty tired of typing now so I'll just say John had fun with a zebra, we all got really messed up and walked 20 blocks home, and we had a beer sampler the next day at the Water Street Brewery. Click here to see all the pictures from the night. And later that day . . . .

We were in Madison for our 5th consecutive day of getting plastered. This was John's b-day night so he had to count off his shots. And count off we did. He ended up hitting 29 shots for the night. We thank the 32oz. steak to that. Damn fine job John. We started at the Essen Haus for dinner and drink 6 boots of German beer. We then went to State Street to really start the drinking. I officially got completely wasted at the first bar I was at off of two drinks of basically pure liquor (yea, I'm a dumb-ass). From there I hear we hit a couple of other bars danced with a bachelorette party. The rest of the night you will have to consult the pictures to get the detail b/c I don't remember them. I do know that Bill passed out on State Street only to wake up at 6:30 in the morning still there. Yea, I know it sounds shitty that we left him but here's the story: First off we're all drunk out of our minds and then at the end of the night (about the time we lost him I think), the whole group split up and went to two different houses to crash. The people that were sober enough to realize who was with them or which direction was up just assumed he was with the other group. At least they did until they got the voice mail of, "hey guys, this is Bill. . . I'm somewhere, I don't know where, but I see a Walgreens . . . and a McDonald's . . . . please come find me!!" Click here to see all the pictures from the night.

Well I think the moral of this story is we all had a damn good time, we saw a whole shit-load of this and we all enjoyed comfortable sleeping quarters.

There's so many damn picture pages now that I just went ahead and made a Wisconsin Pictures Homepage. You can get to any of the Wisconsin picture pages from there. And thanks to John Acord for all the pictures from his digital camera.

Get Drunk and Screw
Wednesday Jul 3rd 9:59pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Last Friday night was just one hell of a party. It was the last party to be held at the current location of "The Bar," and it was the perfect way to celebrate the 21st b-days of me, Marc, Super Dave, and Linsey. From the suave invitations to the $200 worth of Scotch, it was quite a fine party. It is always nice to mix all the sub groups of all of our friends into one, huge party. We even had additional guests such as my parents, my aunt and uncle, Jens from Jack Ingram's band, and one butt plug. The butt plug turned out to be a bit of a conversation piece whether it was attached to the cooler of Doc's punch or around my neck while talking with local gestapo. Nearly everyone that was invited was able to make it and plenty of other people showed up as well. Even reputed gangsta and Tang addict C-Po showed up in his Free BSD shirt and Rhino tie. I could keep jabbering on about the party, but the exact details of the night quickly become fuzzy. I do know that I continued my domination of the College Station poker circuit and racked up some nice winnings while completely tanked. Click here to check out all the pics from the night. There is a link to more pics at the bottom of that page.