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Here are the pics we have collected from parties around Wisconsin from just ONE summer.

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Note: All pics are posted with implied, oral consent, not expressed, written consent.

Wisconsin 8/9/02

Friday night in Appleton.

Wisconsin 8/3/02b

What holiday comes right after New Years, Halloween of course.

Wisconsin 8/3/02a

From the golf tournament during the day this Saturday.

Wisconsin 8/2/02 part 1 - Wisconsin 8/2/02 part 2

Since we had a Christmas Party last week we had to have a New Years party the week after.

Wisconsin 7/26/02

Pictures from the Christmas in July party. Even Santa himself showed up.

Wisconsin Misc

This is a page of different small events that have just a couple of pics

Wisconsin 7/19/02

Pictures from camping on Friday (where I was, and passed out and got covered in marshmallows, you bastards) and camping Saturday (where I wasn't that night).

Wisconsin 7/13/02

70's Disco party

Wisconsin 7/12/02

Coop house party

Wisconsin 7/6/02

Madison on the strip.... this is one cool town

Wisconsin 7/5/02

Summerfest in Milwaukee

Wisconsin 7/3/02

Summerfest in Milwaukee

Wisconsin 7/2/02

Timber Rattlers baseball game

Wisconsin 6/29/02

Bill's b-day night out at the bars. Damn that chicks hot that he's dancing with... (cough)

Wisconsin 6/28/02

Bill's pre b-day party. His birthday was the next day and he got an MIP this night.

Wisconsin 6/27/02

Country USA, I wasn't there, but here some pictures from friends.

Wisconsin 6/15/02

"Team Shocka!" and flippy-cup, need I say more?

Wisconsin 6/14/02

These are pics from this summers first Centruy Club meeting. About 25 members started and 21 finished; about 5 puked for some reason.

Wisconsin 6/8/02

Pictures from the Tyson-Lewis Fight Night party.

Wisconsin 5/28/02

Carley's 21st b-day pictures.

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