Old Posts - March 2001

Old Posts - March 2001

Drunken Fun in Philly
Thursday Mar 29th 11:40pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Tonight, I saw further proof that after a few drinks, a person will do just about anything...including jumping in the Leaf's penalty box during a hockey game. Sure, I don't know for sure that the guy had been drinking, but I don't think a sober man would ever jump into the penalty box after one of the opposing team's players squirted him with water. Even CuJo said he figured the guy had about 30 to 40 beers. I am thinking it would take me at least that to jump into a penalty box. Click here to watch the whole event. It's good stuff.

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Damn The Man
Wednesday Mar 28th 8:55pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Damn the man. Currently, the man is the DEA, the same DEA who makes hydrocodone a Schedule II drug so that I can't buy that shit over-the-counter. Sure, they don't want people abusing it, but when I get sick, I would much rather take one hydrocodone and be good to go for a few hours. Why battle cold and/or flu symtpoms when you can take one pill that makes you completely numb to those symptoms. The man is also the CLC who evidently didn't think my response to their cease and desist order was as funny as I thought it was. In their response to me, they didn't even mention how nice the pic looked. I guess we will just have to try to avoid infringing on trademarking laws in the future...or something like that. In case you missed my response to the CLC, here is the front and back of my response.

Well, it only took one day to get a great girl toast sent in. Here is a little something sent in to us from Mandy for all you ladies to recite before you get your drink on.

Wednesday Mar 28th 3:40pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You suck. You know who you are. Every person that voted for "grey" in the poll. I still don't see what you see in grey. I'm mean look at it. It's just boring. Whatever, the grey stays on a 64-46 count.

Moving along ... we put up a new poll about homerisms. We're curious if anyone ever listens to the homersims or just reads them. We're working on a new server side configuration to help speed the page up and need to know if it's work the trouble to have those still up.

Padre 3
Tuesday Mar 27th 11:40pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Man Whore?

On a roll tonight. Padre Section 3 is done as well. Before you check it out, I just have to say that it takes a certain kind of webmaster to post the pics that are in that section. A webmaster that has no shame and promotes the sport of fucking with drunk, passed-out people and posting it the pictures on the web. Even if it's the webmaster himself. I'm sure you get the point there. I would have done the same thing to someone else if they had passed out so it's all good. But surprisingly I did wake up while they were messing with me and tackled Mike, the guy running the show. Don't know how I suddenly regained consciousness but whatever. Padre Pics Section 4 will come in a day or two.

Click here to see Padre Section 3

Padre 2
Tuesday Mar 27th 10:50pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Vision of Drunk at Denny's

Finally got Padre Section 2 up. It is basically the same pictures that were up in the original Padre pics but with editted to look better, the random pics of fingers, and a story to go along with it. I'm working Section 3 right now. Section 3 definitely is good.

Click here to see Padre Section 2

Tuesday Mar 27th 6:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It seems that the UT students have caught onto to the whole concept of submitting in your own stuff so that it maybe viewed on TamUt.com. Will from UT has sent in a truly insane drunken story. I really wouldn't think this shit could be true, but if Josh's Story is true then this one must be. Also, Brett from UT sent us in this great toast. I sure do love these toasts that guys can do, but I bet the ladies will eventually want some. So, if you're a lady and have a toast that is a personal favorite, send it to typingmonkey@tamut.com. And of course, this doesn't mean we are limiting submissions. We are always accepting toasts, drunk stories, rants, and the ever popular pictures.

Pantera Fuckin' Rules
Monday Mar 26th 9:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Me and Vinnie

Last night, I discovered the best way to watch a concert- with a pass stuck on your jeans that says you can go pretty much anywhere in the arena except the dressing rooms. When you get the same level access as the crew, it always makes a concert more fun. Also, between sets you don't have to just stand there, you can just go backstage and chill in an air-conditioned room with free drinks. Pantera just fuckin' rules. Evidently, there were some other bands there last night, but none of them could rock like Pantera. Although, I must say that it was pretty cool when there about 5 people on drums, including Vinnie from Pantera, during the Soulfly set. After the concert was even cooler. I got a picture of me with Vinnie(the Pantera drummer for those of you who don't know), but that was my only picture. It just didn't seem like a good idea to bust out expensive equipment while on the floor. I also got the coolest piece of concert memorabilia ever- a Crown Royal bottle autographed by Vinnie and Dimebag Darrell. That will sure look nice on The Bar.

Salute to Petus
Sunday Mar 25th 3:05pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
One Bad Motherfucker

We at TamUt.com must salute the one we call Petus. Thanks to his connections with Pantera, eight of us will be attending tonight's Pantera concert in Houston and going backstage for FREE. You can't beat that...except maybe with a lifetime supply of Courvoisier. So, everyone raise your glass(or bottle in brown paper bags) and drink to Petus. Also, if you missed it earlier, check out the Gold Record that Pantera gave to Pete's dad.

Pantera concert tonight. Not back by tomorrow, avenge death.

Saturday Mar 24th 5:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I forgot to mention that I'm in Lubbock for the weekend. A friend flew me out here to fix her computer. Figured I'd stay the weekend to see what Lubbock is all about. Seeing how we talk so much shit about Lubbock I figured I could at least see it in person. So far I've definitely ..... had some experiences. I'll wait until I finish my visit before I write anything to make sure I get everything into perspective. I'll work on the 2nd section parde pics right now since there is absolutely nothing to do during the day in Lubbock.

Salute to Jet Fuel
Saturday Mar 24th 4:45am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I didn't get any picutures tonight although we did go to two parties. One of the parties did get busted up, but it was all good. I did run into a guy from my Geology 101 lab group at the first party, and at the second party, I ran into someone from my Math 152 honors class. Small world I guess. NCAA Tourney Bracket.

Friday Mar 23rd 2:10am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Jon and Matt

Well I got a call today from my good friend Jon Ray. Apparently he hitch-hiked from Dallas to Padre, stayed a couple of days with random people he met on the beach and was hitch-hiking back up to Dallas. He stopped here in Austin to say what's up and all (I think he was just looking for food). So we got some food at the infamous Jester Cafeteria and talked about old times. Then he had to hit the road again so that he could make it to school tomorrow. Jon is in high school so when he gets back, he'll be a demi-god for a while since his spring break was last week, not this week. So he's the true rebel type. Just thought I'd drop a note about that little adventure. It's not too often the someone just up and decides to hitch-hike a 9 hour drive.

We Need a Basketball Team
Friday Mar 23rd 12:40am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

After watching tonight's Duke/UCLA game, it made me realize that Texas A&M really needs a basketball. Sure, we field a team that evidently plays some games, but I am talking about a competitive team that actually wins games. Maybe even one year, we could go to the NCAA Tournament. Heck, the NIT may even be a little out of our reach. We haven't qualified for the Tourney since '97, but we did make it to the ever prestigious NIT back in '94. We do have the Reed Rowdies to support our team, but they are pretty much a knock off of the Cameron Crazies. Scratch that...they are a blatant knock off of the Crazies except the Crazies have the much cooler "Who's your daddy? Battier" chant. Oh well...at least we still have a football team that can win some games.

Hmm, that wasn't drinking oriented enough. Click here to watch some of the funny ass Budweiser commericials.

3 days until I can get Fucking Hostile.

Lesson from Louisville
Thursday Mar 22nd 1:20am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Today, Louisville hired Rick Pitino as the head coach of their men's basketball team after Denny Crum resigned as coach after 30 years at Louisville. This is a perfect example of a coach enjoying great success at a university and then needing to leave when he wasn't successful anymore. Wally Groff, A&M's athletic director, may need to make that same kind of decision with our football team if we can't turn things around this year. Sure, R.C. Slocum has enjoyed success at A&M, but our 7-5 season last year wasn't exactly impressive. Not only that, the coaching in our losses was highly questionable. And now, we have lost our fullback and best wide receiver. Of course, it is going to take one awful season before Slocum ever get replaced. Hopefully, we can find someone to turn this team around. We can even follow Louisville's move and find a suitable coach in the broadcast booth. I am sure any coaching deal would pull Terry Bowden out of the ESPN booth and onto the sidelines.

New Poll
Tuesday Mar 20th 11:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Ok, that old poll was getting pretty old. The general opinion was that yes, the poster girl should dump her man. Though I haven't talked to her in a while so I don't know what's going on. But at least she knows the readers' opinions now.

The new poll is up because I like a certain color and most other people like another color and I want to know what all the readers like better. So go vote.

Padre Section 1
Tuesday Mar 20th 10:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Stas at his best

Well I got the first section of the 5 or 6 sections to come finished. I even took the time to narrate what was going on so that when you see a picture like the one on the left, you don't think that this a serial killer that just escaped from prison. No no, it's just Stas from Russia eating a bowl of cereal. Nothing to be scared of. I will say that these pictures are the craziest (since none of them are even in Padre). They get better each section.

Click here to see Padre Pics Section 1

Bones Night
Tuesday Mar 20th 4:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It's Tuesday, and that means it's 42 Night for us. Speaking of 42, TamUt.com has now been viewed in 42 countries. Evidently, someone in Guadeloupe had an interest in our site today. And we all know if there is one country who would take interest in the drunken exploits of some Texas college students, it is damn sure the island of Guadeloupe. We also got a hit from the Cayman Islands for some reason. I guess the people who take care of my secret illegal account over there like to check up on their customers. Oh, crap. I shouldn't have said I was a customer. Oh, crap. I shouldn't have said it was a secret. Oh, crap. I certainly shouldn't have said it was illegal. Oh, well. 5 days to the Pantera concert.

Monday Mar 19th 11:25pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I am glad to see that we are getting more submissions. Erin from A&M sent us in this great Drunken IM, and Will from UT sent in a truly great toast. Also, Marc reminded me to bust out some videos he made a few weeks ago. He made two different videos with each short video highlighting one individual's drunken exploits. Now that we have more server space, I can post these things. Click here to watch Kelly's video, and click here to watch Heather's. I am sure you will laugh your ass off.

Padre Pics
Monday Mar 19th 11:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I am slowly working on getting all the Padre pictures up. I'm going to do it a little at a time and write about each day's activities. Like this one on the left. Obviously I've had a hard day of work and need a quick nap on the concrete sidewalk before going out that night. But for now you can just see these pics that have been up for a while if you haven't seem them already. I really am working to get the new ones up.

New Server
Sunday Mar 18th 8:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

We are now switching to the new server. The process to update the DNS servers nation-wide has begun. It will be about 1 week before all the servers route correctly to our new server. Right now you are on the NEW server. We'll keep posting on both servers for the next week though. You can come back to this post to easily see if you are on the new server. Or if you know what you are doing, just trace route www.tamut.com and see if it goes to San Diego or Dallas. Dallas is the new server.

Oh yea, I got back from my 9 day drinking spree in Padre tonight. I have a ton of pictures and more stories to go along with them than I can remember. Hopefully I'll remember most of them so you can here it also.

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Saturday Mar 17th 4:55pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

"Listen up, this is the busiest drinking day of the year. Where are the designated drivers? Beat it! I got no room for cheap skates."

Ah, it is great to have the busiest drinking day of the year during the NCAA Tourney. Great basketball games and beer go together like alcohol and firearms. Good times are sure to be had today. I just enjoy watching the Blue Devils roll on and the ton of upsets. Also, there is other drama in college b-ball as everyone waits to see if Bob Knight will become head coach of the LCC men's basketball team. Personally, I wouldn't mind him on the A&M campus, but if he continued to have severe outbursts, that could damage our school's reputation. Texas Tech really doesn't have much to lose. Heck, even Bob Costas asked Coach Knight if he thought he could find basketball players at Tech who would also be committed to academics. Always nice to see credible broadcasters take shots at a school's academic prowess(or lack of). Of course, it wasn't as cool as when Mayor Quimby took shots at Tech's academics in this quote on the Simpsons.

I added two pics to the Submitted Pics Page. Usually, I won't post pics of people when they aren't in a group setting, but this Aggie was just that cute.

New Message Board
Friday Mar 16th 6:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

In preparation for switching servers, I have already changed the links to the Message Board from the current server to the new server. So, if you do have the Message Board bookmarked, you may want to change it so that your posts show up on the correct board. Also, all posts have been moved from the old board to the new one. Of course, the new Message Board wouldn't be up without a little help from Cody Wayne Maxwell Powell who helped me rig the original perl script. As usual, any credit he deserves goes to the ho's who "keep him going."

TamUt.com now has a new section for drunken fun. I think every circle of friends has some toasts which everyone can recite by heart and that are funny as hell. Because of this, we have created a new section for people to share their toasts with others. I have posted one of our's to start the Toasts Page off. Click here to read the first one. If you would like to submit your own toast, then send it to the Typing Monkey.

Padre Pics
Thursday Mar 15th 4:50am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It looks like Matt is having a kick ass time in South Padre. He has sent me some of the pics he has taken so far. I don't see a token girl amongst any of the pics. Click here to check out the pics he has taken so far. Some of the pics may not have turned out perfectly, but I didn't weed out all the bad ones. You gotta see some of the drunk's perspective.

Tomorrow, or shall I say later this morning, I will be returning to College Station. A-town may not be the most kickin town, but here are some reasons why A-town beats CS:

Saturday Mar 10th 5:55pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Last night, I got in some socializing before heading back to the ever exciting A-town today. We went to this place Cody's, and I really hope it is not always like that. There was no cover and my overage friends said the drinks were cheap, but it was pretty much all token girls. Maybe it was just an off night because of Spring Break. Other than that, I got to play the last competive games of 42 that I will play for a while. I did get a good drunk story though. A while back, we got a just plain insane drunk story sent to us. I thought it was total bullshit and didn't bother posting it. Well, last night I found out that the story was true and that it had been sent in from a guy I actually knew. Click here to read Josh's unbelievable drunken story from Austin.

Multiple Jet Fuel...Multiple

Padre baby!
Friday Mar 9th 3:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
South Parde Baby!

Well I'm packing my bags and preparing the mobile computer for the trip down to South Padre. If only I didn't have a mid-term tomorrow at 12 life would be great right now. Yes I did say I'm bringing a computer. Sure it sounds dumb, but if I went a week without a computer I think I'd go into withdrawl, start getting cold chills, and eventually have a nervous break down. Ok, well maybe not a nervous break down, but definitely have some kind of bad symptoms. That's right, I'm a computer nerd in that kind of way. But without this computer nerd, you wouldn't be enjoying stuff like this.

Pretty much what I'll be doing is taking as many pictures while partying as possible then entire week, and posting them on the site whenever I'm sober enough and have time. I think I just *might* be able to get some good pictures while I'm down there. If I don't, then someone needs to hit me. Anyways, if all goes well, my next post will be from the island.

- matt is a cool computer nerd.

Laugh at the man
Wednesday Mar 7th 6:30pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

As seen in a previous post, we recevied a letter from the Collegeiate Licensing Company about our use of the Tower in our logo. Well, I figured we have to take it down anyways, and so we couldn't damn the man. However, we sure can laugh at the man and write a response to them that looks like a ransom note from a clown. Linsey helped me write it. By help, I mean I signed my name, and that's about it. Check out my response to the CLC:

Front Page
Back Page

I received an interesting pic submission from one of our readers. The guy claims that the two chicks flashing in the pic are both A&M students. Sure, that sounds a little shady, but I sure hope someone wouldn't take the time to e-mail me a pic and lie about it. Although, as we have seen from past experience *cough* Heather *cough*, some people have a lot of time on their hands. So, here is the pic of Rachel and Ashley. If by someone strange coincidence, you recognize the chicks as A&M students, then e-mail me.