Padre 2

Ok I know you've seen these pictures already but a story to go with the pictures always makes them better. Also I took up the bad pictures (the one of random asphalt, etc.) and re-did all of the other pictures to make them look better.

This is the first night and day in Padre

PICT0001.jpg PICT0002.jpg PICT0003.jpg PICT0004.jpg PICT0006.jpg

So what's the first thing you do the get the trip started off? Bong beers with a nice $3 bong. That's Chris in pic01 in the red shirt (you know, the guy that got molested by the black behemoth) getting the action started off. Then Ben. Then I show my amateur bonging abilities (but will prove my true bonging skills days later). Then some random girl decides that instead of nursing her beer in the can she'll nurse it when it's in the bong. A grand total of 30 seconds for half of a beer through bong, nice work!

PICT0007.jpg PICT0009.jpg PICT0010.jpg PICT0012.jpg PICT0015.jpg

In pic09 you can see the band of old guys in their mid-life crisis trying to live it out at Padre. Needless to say their music sucked, so one of the kids got their guitar and played some much better (after 1980) music. And Stas in pic12 gets a little too excited over E-Z Cheese.

PICT0016.jpg PICT0019.jpg PICT0024.jpg PICT0025.jpg PICT0026.jpg

Group picture time. Pic16 is the group that went out on that night. The highlight of the group? The dude in the middle, Peanut with the Sigma Chi tattoo. Just one crazy mofo that was drunk as hell when he showed up. The other pics are just girls we talked to while we were there and random, self-explanatory pics of the crowds on the beach.

PICT0027.jpg PICT0028.jpg PICT0029.jpg PICT0031.jpg PICT0034.jpg

More random shots and a set of 'eh' tits. Probably would have a better pics if tits if I would have chased girls that flash with my camera like all the horny Mexicans did, but I don't think so.

PICT0035.jpg PICT0036.jpg PICT0037.jpg PICT0038.jpg PICT0040.jpg

Fat dude that passed out on the beach. Ha! Then there's the pic of girls kissing for beads. Or maybe it was for us showing our ass. There were too many to remember which was which. Basically what I did was just walk down the street from car to car to talk to people since I could walk faster than the cars were moving. Damn good fun.

PICT0041.jpg PICT0042.jpg

Dave did an excellent job of capturing a picture through the eyes of a drunk at Denny's. Nice work.

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