Padre 3

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So what do we do the second day we're in Padre? Huddle around the computer to look at pictures. You can see Stephanie in pic 4 and 6. She's a hottie that really wanted John. But John kept messing things up. So in order to try to keep him from messing up more things, she tried to force him to get drunk. (it didn't work)

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Some guys love breasts so much they just have to have their own I guess. These are some pictures from Louie's. As you can see the camera was in drunken picture taking mode (blurry). The laser lights were pretty neat but you can see how freaking packed it was. Not fun to take an hour to go from one end of the club to the other. But all in all a good time if you could find people to talk to.

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Random pictures of the guys. Here's where the special section begins. Again I say it takes a certain type of shamelessness for a webmaster to post incriminating, drunk-of-the-week quality pictures of himself on his own page. But I think I'm at that point. Who gives. I'd of done the same thing to someone else that passed out. I think the pics are self-explanatory.

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More picture of me, shaving from, E-Z Cheese, pretzels and a condom. No explanation needed. Random beach shots.

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Pic 41 is a bad-ass sand statue of Jesus. Nice work boys, nice work. Then I paid some girls money to take a picture with Chris (pic43) and some girls wanted to take a picture with me (pic44) *cough*. Pic 46 shows complete bumper to bumper traffic both ways on the road.

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