Toasts for Guys and Girls | Toasts for Guys | Toasts for Girls

Toasts for Guys or Girls

1. Here's to sleeping triple, seeing double, living single, and testing negative.

2. Here's to all you friends and lovers. May all of your ups and downs be under the covers!"

Toasts for Guys

1. Here's to honor. To gettin' on her. To stayin' on her. And if I can't cum in her, I'm cummin on her.

2. He offered his honor. She honored his offer. And he was on her and off her all night long.

3. To the women we've met, to the women we've fucked, to those amongst us who have had no such luck.

4. Here's to women we love and here's to the women we fuck. Hope they never meet.

5. Here's to you, here's to me, together as friends we'll always be, and if we ever disagree, fuck you, here's to me.

6. Here's to panties, not the best thing in the world, but damn close to it.

7. Here's to heat, not the kind that brings down shacks and shanties, but the kind that brings down bras and panties.

8. Here's to the girls that say they will, here's to the girls that say they don't, here's to the girls that say they do and then say they won't, but here's to the girls best of all, and you'll know you think I'm right, here's to the girls that say they don't, but tonite they just might.

9. Sugar in the bowl. Coffee in the Cup. Poke her in the butt, and you won't knock her up!

10. To virgins and lesbians...... Thanks for NOTHING!

Toasts for Girls

1. Here's to me. Here's to you. Here's to the guys we fuck and screw. Here's to them for fucking us over, and here's to us for never being sober!