Padre 1

I (matt) will be narrating the trip and pictures so that you can understand some of the craziness or inside jokes of the pictures.

We started the trip off heading down to Kingsville, where my friend Omar is originally from. It's about half way to Padre so we figured we kick it there one night before really start partying. After sitting through traffic jams, a 6-pack, 1 speeding ticket, and about 4 hours we made it to the poo-dunk town of Kingsville.

We decided to hit the local club/bar to find the action of the town. And I think we found it. This place was rocking like Amish church service (if that explains how exciting the it was, must less the rest of the town). I didn't take any pictures there since I didn't have my camera on me, but I think the only thing worth taking a picture of was Chris (not pictured in this page) getting dragged onto the dance floor by a black behemoth and being molested. So I think I'd have to say he was the first one to score a woman for the trip.

After about an hour of that craziness we just couldn't take the excitement and needed to go somewhere a little less exciting. Like Walmart. Oddly enough, Walmart turned out to be more exciting than the club.

Pict0001.jpg Pict0002.jpg Pict0003.jpg Pict0004.jpg Pict0005.jpg

As you can see above, Omar (in pic 1) is sporting his full shopping gear. And then Stas decided to look at me wrong so I had to take his ass down. (or maybe he just turned his back and I tackled him) Whatever the case we have a 5 minute wrestling match in front of an audience of deli meat and cheese.

Pict0008.jpg Pict0010.jpg Pict0011.jpg Pict0012.jpg Pict0013.jpg

On the way home, Omar pointed out the University Liquor Store, which is across the street from their main building. Every campus deserves that. Can just grab a drink between classes. Then there's just some random pics of us grubbing (particularly Stas in pic 13).

Pict0014.jpg Pict0015.jpg Pict0016.jpg Pict0017.jpg Pict0020.jpg

In pic 14 you can see TAMU Kingsville's huge-ass tower and only statue. Pic 15 shows the actual sign (I'm serious) for the bar we went to, "County Luau." Pics 16 and 17 show the peak of downtown, 6th street. I think between the bicycle clinc and the furniture store, they got Austin beat by a long shot. Pic 20 shows an awesome "Fuelman" sign. That's ironic, we got one just like that one when we were on the trip..... weird ......

Pict0021.jpg Pict0027.jpg Pict0029.jpg Pict0030.jpg Pict0031.jpg

Well we missed the action at the Quality Inn. As pic 21 shows, they were playing DJ style music by Mary Jo! I wanted to see Mary Jo live forever now, but maybe she'll come around again. Pic 27 is Mike's nice truck and us crossing the long bridge to Padre. Pic 29 explains the police's view on bribing. In 30 and 31, Omar looks "tough" now that he has a fake tatoo. Finally 32 is the view from our balcony when we first showed up.

Not the most exciting pictures, but you have to give me some credit for finding anything even worth talking about in a city like Kingsville. The real party pictures are/will be on the next page that I will make in the next day or so.

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