Old Posts - October 2001

Old Posts - October 2001

Happy Halloween
Wednesday Oct 31st 8:35pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It's Halloween. There is a full moon out. And what do I get to do? I get to stay inside and study for an engineering test. It does suck that I can't go out, but I might as well show some pics of other people having fun. A friend of my uncle's sent in some pics from a Pub Crawl that happened in Calgary. Though TamUt.com has been seen in 40+ countries, these are the first pics we have gotten from outside of this country(to the best of my recollection). Click here to check them out.

chair cushion langdale

Rememeber to keep voting on ESPN.com for the Texas/Texas A&M rivalry.

P.S. It is cool to send us in quotes, but let's not ripoff the Chairman.

Halloween Night
Wednesday Oct 31st 6:17pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well it's Halloween night and the first full moon on Halloween in 46 years. I think that means that everyone needs to get out partying tonight, tests or no tests. I'll be heading to 6th in my costume (which is a good one) and then probably to some parties. I guess some people are scared of Anthrax being on 6th, but shit, their music isn't that bad ( budda-bing ). In the words of a recently submitted quote (which was stolen from Frank Sinatra), "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's the best they're gonna feel all day."

And so it continues...
Wednesday Oct 31st 1:00am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

And now we have yet another dumbfuck. Our latest dumbfuck is another LCC student. This guy at least was coherent, but his ideas were a bit off. Click here to read his rant. Of course, I had to respond to it, and so click here to read my response.

Make sure and head to ESPN.com to vote for the Texas/Texas A&M rivalry.

Czhilispiel (excuse me)
Tuesday Oct 30th 2:00pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Float at Czhilispiel

It kind of sounds like a sneeze but far from a joke. Czhilispiel is the town festival/drunkfest of Flatonia, Texas. I do have to say that I was surprized how much fun I had at the whole deal. Can't say that I've ever partied out by sandpits at night before. But I think the most fun was the parade on Sunday. 30 drunk college-age students riding on a extended Chevy/Ford truck/van (had a Chevy 1500 front and Ford Aerostar back) drinking and hollering. We even had our queens (~shiver~). Yea, and I think some people were upset at me that I pissed off the truck but we were just driving home and how many people can say they've left a piss line a quarter mile long? I can now. So all in all, I just got to say, great times for a small town.

Click here to see the Czhilispiel pictures

And so it begins...
Monday Oct 29th 5:50pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Today, we begin a difficult mission... Oh, what the hell am I saying? Responding to poorly written and thought out rants is not hard to do. Our first rant from LCC comes from Lauren. Even though she targeted UT more with her rant, I decided to respond to it since Matt has been pretty busy lately. Click here to read Lauren's rant, and click here to read my response. And FYI, the submitted rants do get better.

Tostitos is doing another poll contest on ESPN.com. Last year, they did a poll to see what was the best tradition, and A&M's Twelfth Man won. This year, they are trying to find out which schools have the best rivalry. Click here to vote for the Texas/Texas A&M rivalry. Note: after you vote, you have to click another link to view the results. You don't have to enter their contest for your vote to count.

TamUt Mascot?
Monday Oct 29th 2:31pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Tamut Mascot?

Well in the last poll clearly showed that a TamUt mascot might make for some good times (even when there were only two "yes" answers, still don't know how that happened). While there where many suggestions of excellent Simpsons mascots, I was thinking that a real life mascot would work best. Pictured above is a potential mascot. No not Heather, the dog. What better mascot than a Miniture Chihuahua named after the Simpsons pet elephant "Stampy"? As you can see from our last party Stampy got more play from the girls than anyone else. And what better than to have a hot girl (heather) as the owner. We've been needing an official UT poster girl since, hell the site opened. These two might make for great representation.

Good Ranting
Monday Oct 29th 12:24am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well this weekend made for some great times. Went out to Czhilispiel and got drunk for the first time on a Sunday morning. But of course that it was required to drink since we were on the float in the parade that started at Noon. I got plenty of pictures of it all, I'll put them up tomorrow.

We did get a good rant submission from an anti-affirmative action reader. I think he makes and excellent point. Definitely worth of our Rants Page. Go read the rant here.

Fall Back
Sunday Oct 28th 4:42pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Gettin' the drink on

This weekend wasn't as wild as usual, but good times were still had. The Ags won and went to 17th in the ESPN/USA Today poll. Texas beat Missouri and moved to 5th in both polls. I would go through all the crazy upsets, but that is what Sports Center and ESPN.com are for.

As far as partying went, Dave had a shindig at his place. AJ and her fiance(congrats AJ) were there. Even Bobby(BobbyTheChink on the Message Board) made the trip in from Austin. Dave and Clare also got to prove the Alcohol Warning right. After a few drinks, they thought they could dance. After Dave's, we headed to Miss Mia's. She spent a lot of time on her decorations and even has several gallons of her crazy Everclear punch left over. If it wasn't Sunday, I would probably have to go help her kill it.

And finally, make sure you set your clocks back one hour. You don't want to be an hour early to class.

Fuck yes!
Friday Oct 26th 8:37pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You guys can't see it, but I've just rolled out our new posting system. What's that mean to us? About 1/10th the work to get a post on the site. That means even when we're lazy we can bust out some content w/o ever having to open an FTP program. What's it mean to you? More drunken posts. With less chance that we can fuck things up with manual coding, we can just ramble drunkenly at any time w/o any hassle. Damn it's great.

Well I guess the design is a little different, even more of an improvement to what we had.

It's friday night, I've been starting at the computer screen for 4 hours straight and I'm still sitting at work . . . it's time to party . . .

Thursday Oct 25th 9:50pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Another good week of college football is nearing. Yes, A&M will face a 5-1 Iowa State team at home. Yes, UT will get an easy road win against Missouri. We still know what the big game for this week is(unless you live in a cave). Oklahoma will roll into Lincoln on Saturday and put their 20 game winning streak on the line. However, Nebraska has a nice little streak of its own- 19 straight wins at home. This, of course, is all meaningless once the game starts. Nebraska by 3. Here are the rest of the picks from Josh at True Rival and the MGM-Mirage.

Game Josh MGM-Mirage Game Info
Iowa State
At Texas A&M


1:00 PM
Kyle Field
At Missouri
1:00 PM
Faurot Field
At Nebraska


11:00 AM
Memorial Stadium

By the way, we will start responding to the pile of rants from Tech students in the next few days. Matt and I shall respond to one rant at a time according to whose school they attacked most. This should be interesting.

Thursday Oct 25th 9:00pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

25 in a 20.   25 ....... in a 20. That, people, is what I call total bull shit. I asked the fucking cop if he had anything better to do once he finished writing the ticket. He went off on some parable about what if my kid was in a school zone and got hit by a car. So asked him what that had to do with me going 25 in a 20MPH zone. Then he went on about "zero tolerance" crap. I can't fucking believe that they even write tickets for 5 over. And it has to be the one morning that I turn my radar detector off. I thought, "hell, I'm just gonna be cruising, I don't need it." The fuck if the thing is ever getting turned off again. Though I probably wouldn't have slowed down since I had no clue that it was a school zone. To top it off, I just got a ticket yesterday for expired inspection. Luckily that's just a $10 dismissal fee when/(if) I go to get inspected and when/(if) I pass inspection. Good thing I'm not superstitious or else I'd have to get a third ticket since things come in threes. I wish I just could have slapped that bitch-ass cop.

Alcoholic Warning
Tuesday Oct 23rd 11:00pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

We joke a lot about drinking alcohol and the great times it brings, but I really think that everyone should see this warning about drinking and the bad things that can result from it. Warning this piece contians much harsh reality.

Click here to see the Alcohol Warning

I don't claim to the the maker of this, and I forgot where I found it or else I'd plug them.

How to compute web stats
Tuesday Oct 23rd 1:35am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Most people don't know what stats for a website mean. Many people compute them differently. The correct thing to do is to just count how many times your homepage was loaded, but sometimes your site's content sucks and that number is too small. So, the only correct thing to do is lie. But how far off do you lie? The above formula shows you how to correctly lie. It will give you a number that in no way represents how much traffic you get, but it will make you feel like you made a good website that lots of people visit. Using the above formula, we can proudly say that we get about 2.5 million hits a day.

As you can see, we have a new poll up. We want to know if you think Tamut.com needs a mascot to represent the site. Also, you can find the results from the previous poll here.

We have gotten a good response from our request for Tech students to send us in rants. If you are a Tech student and missed my challenge, click here to check it out. We will be posting some of the submitted rants soon. I must say that one(and only one) of the rants so far won't be going straight to the Dumbfucks page.

On a final note, some Tech guy at Matt's party this weekend said some crap about Tech's ME dept being ranked higher than A&M's and about how A&M's ME dept wasn't even ranked. In case that person checks out this site, he can click here and just try and find "Texas Tech" on the list. How do you like them apples?

Apt. Party to a New Level
Monday Oct 22nd 10:00am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Good Times

Well it was hard to think that we could top the last party that we threw at our place in Austin, but somehow we managed to do just that. So how did we do that? Our friend DJ Eneve was spinning in our living room during the whole party. Needless to say the girls upstairs that were trying to study and sleep (on a fucking Sat. night!) weren't too happy. We suspect it was them that called the cops about about 1:30 or so. Which was cool b/c it was just one cop and all he did was say that if he had to come back that he was going to give some tickets. So all the moochers and weird, random people left after that and our 20-30 good friends all stayed to party after that.

With 2 kegs and 15 gallons of punch, there were plenty of drinks all night. Just enough actually. But when you get people like Miguel helping you bong a beer and spill the shit all over me while I'm bonging the damn beer, you need that much. Needless to say I was a little pissed. I think you actually hear the word I'm saying there.

Oh and Eric did eventually pass out in the back of his explorer. No one knows why he went there.

Click here to see the pics

Ring Dunking
Saturday Oct 20th 5:45pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Congratulations to Sarah who dunked her ring with her father, who is class of '71, on Thursday night at the Chicken. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances(i.e. my ass fell asleep accidentally). Here are the rest of the pics from her dunking courtesy of Garrett.

Good times were had last night, and I will get those pics up soon once I get a little time and seek approval for some of the more crazy pics. Time to get ready to head to Austin for some partying. By the way, we now have a published legal policy for the site which you can see here.

Long-Ass Week
Friday Oct 19th 7:30pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Doggie Style

I don't know about you, but this week's mid-terms kicked my ass. That just means you have to "work" off the stress.

On an unrelated note, we had "Sexual Technique" day in my Human Sexuality class this week. It was definitely fun to listen to her explain how to give excellent fallatio to a guy. But was even more fun was to watch the exchange students copy down every bit of text about each sexual position as if they've never heard of the subject and needed the notes to study for the test. Oh wait, nevermind. Many of the models and pictures used in class came from a great web site Sexual Positions Free.com. A great site for those of you that are trying to abstain from not having sex. To top it off, the webmaster has some great comments. To those of you that are offended: eh, go somewhere else, or live a little

Last weekend I did party and took just a few pictures. It was a disco party, which just made things that much better.

Click here to see disco pics

. . . but I think this weekend will be much much more fun . . .

Challenge to Texas Tech
Thursday Oct 18th 6:50pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

...to send me some intelligent rants. We get plenty of e-mail from Tech people who couldn't find a coherent sentence if coherent sentences were as common in Lubbock as trashy women. So, I issue a challenge to every Red Raider who reads TamUt.com: send me an intelligent rant. By intelligent, I don't mean using the word "fuck" as each part of speech. By intelligent, I don't mean misspelling every word possible. By intelligent, I don't mean sending in something with a bunch of run on sentences no seperated by commas with no intelligent thought and repeating yourself many times and with mispelled words. Do not bring up the previous sentence in your rant. Instead, get your dictionary, which is holding up the short leg of your couch, and look up the word "irony." After you do that, gather the 20 smartest(in relative terms) people in Lubbock and see if all their minds put together can explain irony to you. By this point, I am sure you will have forgotten why you looked up "irony" in the first place. By the time you reread my original sentence, you will have forgotten what irony means. It's a vicious circle. Anyways, I would like to see at least one LCC student send in some sort of coherent prose. If you think you can meet this challenge, then submit your rant to Futility@TamUt.com. Good luck.

Wednesday Oct 17th 4:20pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

This week should give us some good games in the Big XII South. Colorado travels to Texas to see how good they really are. I expect a Longhorns win, but it should be a good game. A&M travels to Manhattan, Kansas to see if they can add to K-State's losing streak. K-State should be hungry for a win and for some revenge for what we did to them at Kyle last year. I hope we can shake off last week's defeat and play some football. Josh from True Rival gave us his picks for the week:

Game Josh MGM-Mirage Game Info
Texas A&M
At Kansas State


2:30 PM
Wagner Field
At Texas
2:30 PM
Memorial Stadium
At Oklahoma

who cares

11:30 AM
Memorial Stadium

Tomorrow, I shall have an interesting challenge for the bright students at LCC who regularly read this site. I doubt any of them are up to the challenge.

P.S. Randy Johnson should be tried for witchcraft after his performance in Game 1 of the NLCS.

Stuff to Check Out
Monday Oct 15th 7:50pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I had a pretty good weekend, but I have no pictures to show for it. Of course, it is probably best that I don't have any pictures. We all know that pics from TamUt.com have been used as evidence before, and pics of Damon and I drinking in the upstairs of a TCU sorority house(I won't say which one) after hours would be considered evidence. This weekend was a wild one for college football, but I won't elaborate since I am sure everyone here gets their tri-daily dose of Sports Center. I do have some things for y'all to check out though. First, you need to check out this video called American Jedi. It is cross between American Pie and Star Wars: Episode 1. Next, if you live in Aggieland, you need to check out 99.5, The Fox. I have been meaning to mention this station since it is the ONLY classic rock station in Aggieland, but I forget stuff. It is broght to us Clear Channel which is the company that also owns 92.5 and 97.1 in Dallas and is owned by Lowry Mays- a petroleum engineer from A&M and namesake of the College & Graduate School of Business at A&M(Thanks Jessica for telling me that). And finally, everyone needs their daily dose of crazy news. Evidently, two cops decided to land their chopper at the local Krispy Kreme to procure a late night snack. The two officers can now be recognized from up to two miles away because of their enormous balls. Click Here to read the whole story.

Good Shot
Sunday Oct 14th 9:50pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Nice Shot

I'm sure we've all seen this at a bar, but a reader submitted this pic in and it just has to be posted. That's just some damn good blowing there.

Well had a damn good time at the party last night. I have some pics but I'm too lazy to post them now. I'll post it tomorrow. This weekend wasn't one for craziness, but next weekend... oh yea, we'll have some fun. We'll have some good pictures from that.

Thursday Oct 11th 8:30pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I recently talked to a girl from Tech. Her and some of her friends were excited because they came up with a good want "add":

WANTED: good 'ole boy who enjoys private rodeos. must be able to stick in for more than 8 seconds. Ropin' qualifies for bonus points, must be in costume and ready to ride at all times. if man enough call 806-792-4630.

Just thought ya'll would be interested

Wednesday Oct 10th 9:20pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Yeah, I know only one of these games will be an actual game, but predictions have become a weekly thing here. Hence, Josh from True Rival has provided us with his own predictions yet again. I pretty much agree with his picks except for the A&M/CU game. I'll take A&M by a touchdown.*

* indicates that the same A&M that played Notre Dame shows up.

Game Josh MGM-Mirage Game Info
Texas A&M
At Colorado


2:30 PM
Folsom Field
At Kansas
2:30 PM
Memorial Stadium
At Oklahoma State
11:30 AM
Lewis Field

It should be a good weekend of college football again. Miami and Florida actually get to face some real teams for a change. OU and Texas will not. Plus, there will be hockey and baseball playoffs on as well. Another good weekend for sports.

P.S. Braves rule.

Wednesday Oct 10th 9:30am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You know what I found that is just a convenience if you use the web often: the Google toolbar. I've always hated having toolbars at the top of my browser but this is a damn handy little thing. You can just search from the bar w/o having to go to the Google site. Then once you search, you can click the button on the bar to highlight the words that you just searched for in the resulting pages. Very nice stuff.

But you know that pisses me off? Grocery store discount cards. I mean, why don't you just give me the freaking discount w/o the card if it's a free card. I've always wondered that and finally found out the secret behind it all: Data Mining. They already have all of your information since you gave it to them to register and now they track every item you buy and can do market research with that data. It kind of makes me think that they should be paying me. Kind of deceitful if you ask me.