Occasionally we receive some comments or rants which we disagree with. Sure, we encourage people to send us their thoughts, but we do reserve the right to ridicule these people when we disagree with them. Here are some incoherent literary works from those who oppose us.

Dumbfuck #1 - Kelly

One of the many "intelligent" students of Lubbock Community College

Dumbfuck #2 - Matt

A C.T. who dares to oppose Aggie traditions

Dumbfuck #3 - Louis

An LCC person who likes to make up his own statistics and has a problem with reality

Dumbfuck #4 - Richard Dunn

Baylor student who thinks he know something about computers.

Dumbfuck #5 - Mandy and Christy

Tech girls try to fight back

Dumbfuck #6 - Lauren

She almost deserves an "E" for effort

Dumbfuck #7 - Blue

Well, it was coherent at least

Dumbfuck #8 - Justin

He argued points I never knew I made

Dumbfuck #9 - Tommy

Very, very ignorant

Dumbfuck #10 - Allison

Completely stupid

Dumbfuck #11 - Rancid Smegma

More made up stats to make LCC look better in 3rd grade level writing

Dumbfuck #12 - Jen

Proof that tech students can't read.