"Rebuttal to Dumbfuck #7"

The following is a rebuttal to Blue's dumbfuck rant.

Before I begin attacking your submission, I will at least give you props for the Dennis Miller reference in the title. As far as the rest of it goes, you could've done much better. You start by saying that you haven't ever found intellectual discussion in College Station. Sure, if you were hanging out with a bunch of people with fake majors, then I am sure you wouldn't find intellectual conversations. However, I can assure you that you will find more intelligent conversations here than in Lubbock. That is why we have higher admissions standards- to at least try and weed out people who don't belong here. Next, I don't see why you are putting down business majors at A&M. Our business school is ranked a very respectable 26th in the nation. Of course, Tech's is ranked 80th, and that may cause you to not respect business majors. As far as what type of rant we were looking for, I think it is quite obvious why we issued this challenge. Only one person actually submitted a rant worthy of the rants page, and so he gets his listed last. Moving on, I don't see why you think we made this site to make us feel better about our "shortcomings." If Matt and I were subpar mentally, we would probably be rooming together at Tech as juniors still trying to pick a major. Oh wait, never mind. Even if I had water in my brain, I would not go to Tech. I can see where you may not like all of our traditions. Heck, some students here don't care all that much about them. However, I can't believe you actually said you attended Tech over A&M because you "find a good college education to be much more useful than knowing how to stick my thumb in the air and profess a phrase." Traditions at A&M are just one facet of this great university. Another facet is being superior to Tech in every academic program(or nearly everyone). I guess you are unfamiliar with the US News college rankings that list your "school" as a Tier 3 college. Of course, Tech students don't like to bring up tangible rankings and facts. Tech students prefer to make up their own statistics which make them feel better. I guess it is better to make up facts when the actual facts make you look bad. I see you want me to point out a real flaw in your university. The real flaw in your university is your academics. You maybe in the Big XII and you may have weaseled your way into getting a cut of the PUF, but your academics are still far inferior to that of A&M and UT's. A Red Raider, in my opinion, is someone who wants to go away from home to college but couldn't get into a real school. Hence, you transplant yourself to the middle of nowhere in an effort to make yourself think that you "went off to college." Knowing that you can't compete with the other big Texas schools academically, you try desperately to form a football rivalry with A&M and UT. When you lose on the road, you vandalize our campuses like idiots. Your student body president has to apologize to our schools for your actions like a mother would apologize for the actions of her "bad son." When you win, you gloat as if the outcome of the football game somehow made your school superior and transformed your future diploma into something other than about the finest outhouse wallpaper you've ever seen(I doubt any of you get that reference). Of course, that is just my opinion. I could be wrong (not bloody likely).

P.S. You shan't speak ill of the Kama Sutra. This is a site for entertainment, and showing a site that illustrates the Kama Sutra with stick figures is entertaining.


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