Dumbfuck #7 - Blue

Hello Futility, to begin I will tell you my name. I am Blue Brazelton. Yes that is my real name. I am a freshman here at Texas Tech and pride myself for the intelligent conversations and discussions I have found here. I have not ever found intellectual discussion in College Station or even A & M for that matter. I have a good deal of friends who attend Texas A & M, several who have been there a few years. The last time I saw most of them they seemed to all be more deranged than when they had left. Also, they all came back as business majors. Now to a few questions I must ask you for my rant. If you are requesting a rant from an intelligent student from Texas Tech University, first I must ask you what you consider intelligence. Are you looking for someone who is willing to drone on about Western Civilization, early philosophy, or linear algebra? Or would you prefer someone who is more pragmatic in his rants. Where would you like these rants to go? What direction are you asking them to progress in? Perhaps we can begin with your need for self-actualization by belittling others. It seems to me that you feel better about your shortcomings, by imagining all that do not think you way as wrong. Texas Tech is a great college and provides me with exactly what I need right now. I find that Tech was the right choice for me. I was accepting at A & M, however, it was not the right college for me. I did not feel like staying up late at night yelling just for the sake of yelling. I did not find it necessary for me to view football as a god-like sport, where we all worship the deities and the infamous "12th man." Honestly, A & M may pride itself in its traditions, but I find a good college education to be much more useful than knowing how to stick my thumb in the air and profess a phrase. Let alone, cry a phrase that has a verb that is not a real word or even a part of a real word. Yet, you may find these elements useful and the right choice for you. You must realize that we do not all live in your mind. This is not the matrix, and we are not all extensions of you. Do not begin to assume in your arrogance that anything other than your way of thinking is wrong. When you assume that everyone else is wrong for their choices, you are risking the chance that you will be viewed as afraid. You might be perceived that you have made the wrong choice in attending A & M. In an effort to justify your own reasoning, you begin manifest reasons why other colleges are wrong. You feel insecure and feel better when you are "bullying" someone else. You, my friend, are taking on the role of the insecure schoolyard bully trying to make your own self-esteem rise by pointing out what you see as "faults." Now I issue you a challenge. Try and give me a definition of what a Red Raider is. I am asking for a real definition, not something you and your fraternity brothers joke about during drunken fits. When you can give me a real flaw in this college that is not stemming from some kind of rivalry that is inconsequential, then I will begin to believe that there is something in A & M other than business majors and the Corp of Cadets. Finally, I would like you to know that I do not have anything against A & M. Like I stated earlier, I have friends down at College Station, and they are good friends. However, when I am informed of a site stating that there are no intelligent people at Texas Tech, right below an excerpt from the Kama Sutra, that is when I find a reason to speak. I would have responded to this challenge earlier, but I was only directed to that site tonight. If you would like, I will send you more rants to prove my intellect, but I will request that you give me something to go on. The term "rant" is so vague that I could have gone over a rant about the role of Robert Earl King's role in drunk driving and drug use. Thank you for your time and God bless.


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