Affirmative action bullshit

Reading some of the other rants on your site inspired me to rant on an issue of my own that really pisses me off. I am sick of hearing about all of this diversity, equality, and affirmative action bullshit. Here's what affirmative action says: accept minorities over non-minorities (whites). This will supposedly acheieve equality and diversity. Sure, it may help in the diversity department, but what kind of wacked out logic is it to say that to acheive equality, you must discriminate against any one group (whites)? If you want to acheive equality, you can't have ANY form of discrimination! If one group comes out on top, be it blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, american indians, middle-easterns, canadians, that's just the way it is! And if the white people have higher grades and SAT scores, they should be admitted first. If they blacks don't like it, they should get their people to do better. So then, if the blacks do better, they should be admitted before the whites. And the same goes for all of the other racial groups.

When filling out an application, what kind of sense does it make to say "To avoid discrimation based on race, please provide your race."? Wouldn't it make MUCH MORE sense to NOT ask for your race, then it wouldn't be known to discriminate?

Come on people!


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