Dumbfuck #6 - Lauren

I am a proud Tech chick. I go to parties and occasionally go to class. Unlike you, I do not sit and make a queer web-site that mocks a stereotype for other Texas schools. We are not Lubbock Community College. In fact, I have found people that claim to be UT students actually go to ACC. To save face, those same pathetic losers live in towers and pay way to much just to say..."I go to UT". It is shallow. I got accepted to Tech, UT, and Baylor. UT was a bunch of snobs that haven't recovered from their High School "I'm the shit" attitude. Baylor was ok, the cutest guys there were cheerleaders and way to into thumping the bible. I visited Tech and I was overcome with a sigh of relief. Real people, bad ass classes, the major I wanted to work towards, and most of all parties like no one has ever experienced before. All I am saying is don't knock it until you try it. Take it from me, I am a city girl, but I had to come to the country to live life up. So pack your bags, leave the crowded world of Austin and give Tech a week and you will never call it LCC again. Oh and by the way if you don't have an awesome time you are visiting the wrong people. Call me and come to where the party is.


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