Old Posts - September 2000

Old Posts - September 2000

Saturday Sep 30th 5:30pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

For the 2 percenters and those who live in caves, A&M beat Tech 33-15. Now, it is time to consume celebratory alcoholic beverages. More posts to come later in the night...

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Saturday Sep 30th 9:57am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I am ready to watch the Fightin' Texas Aggies beat the ever living, ever loving hell out of Texas Tech. Also, expect some awesome party pics up tomorrow. We will try to post updates from the party. If we don't, it's because we were way to drunk or distracted to operate a computer or anything else with buttons.

Saturday Sep 30th 8:30pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Fighting Crime

You find some crazy things when you wake up at 7:30am on a Saturday. Personally, I didn't think that people actually did anything before noon. I don't think I've ever done anything before noon until today. I had to be at work at 8-9ish. It's cool though, I'll catch up on my sleep and drink lots of water to recover from last night's drinking.

As you can see above, here's UT campus police fighting crime this morning in the McDonald's drive through. It's about time they start watching the drive thru. I here it has the highest percentage of crime in Austin.

Friday Sep 29th 9:50pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Workin' hard

Well I got nothing else to do at work, so I figured I take a picture of me working. As you can see, I am hard at work...on my 3rd for the evening. Yes, I have the job that most can only dream about. I can drink at work. ... and they supply the beer. Good beer too, Shiner and Corona. And I get to wear my lei here too. So while all of you are out there drinking beer that you paid for and having a good time. Matt is here getting paid, drinking beer he didn't pay for, and not having quite as much fun. Well you gotta do it sometime. Tomorrow night will be my fun night! Hell yea!

Friday Sep 29th 2:20pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
shake dem hatas off

Enough of these pictures of Matt. Here's our Jester food services employee of the week. Here he's making me a trukey sandwich and saying "Shake dem hatas off!!!"

I took some other pics today as well, but they didn't turn out good enough to post. Just wait until after Saturday. There will be nothing but good pics after that.

Friday Sep 29th 10:20am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

It's Leiday!

You damn right it's Leiday (some call it Friday). As you can see, Matt's a little excited about it. Maybe too excited. Anyway, in honor of this lei day, go listen to some good music. In honor of Dan Long's mom, who once told me "Matt, you gotta shake dem hatas off!", I recommend Quint Black - Shake Them Hatas Off. Don't got it? Get it your ass on Napster and get it. Well I'll be takin' pics all day, here the first one. If you see this guy running around campus, tell him Shake dem hatas off!

Friday Sep 29th 2:00am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Geenyus at Werk!


Just in case you were wondering what Matt looks like while he works on TamUt. That's right, there's two monitors hooked to my computer. One just can't hang with these mad skills. You can also see the little toy computer on the left desk. One inch thick and it's a complete system. Fun to bring around.

You can also see the loft we built in here. Not a real good view, but you can see the prison sheets on my bed, eh? All the necessary item are within a arms reach: water bottle, bag of cereal, bowl left over from cereal from 3 days ago, papers towels (almost gone from heavy use), and paper work spread all-over the desk (a necessity).

Thursday Sep 28th 11:05pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Successful Red Raider

I wonder why I didn't go to Tech...hmmm. Well, it is Thursday night, and I already can't wait for Saturday. I am ready to watch A&M kick the ever livin' hell out of Texas Tech. Now, it is time for me to study so I can beat the hell out of my Cal 3 test tomorrow.

Thursday Sep 28th 2:00pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Who are these people? Well that's Matt in the middle. Melody on the left and Julie on the right. This was at Melody's party last weekend. I'll get more pics up later. Didn't get a chance to scan them in b/c I was playing with my new toy all night. No, not the new sex toy, the digital camera. I didn't get any exciting pics from that b/c there wasn't too much excitement at work and driving home. But there definitely will be more up manana.

Wednesday Sep 27th 10:55pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Sorry about not posting. Been busy. Good news is that I got my digital camera. I've been reading all day about how to use it. That way I can be prepared for this weekend. Soon to come, pics from the new cam and from last weekend's party. I'll get it up later tonight when I get home from work at 1.

Oh yea, the lei bill (as I like to call it) did pass. So I have and will continue to wear a lei every Friday to class. So far it's been a great success. This Friday I will post pictures from this lei day.

And the poll server decided to go back up. So there you have it, vote away.

Wednesday Sep 27th 12:55am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Too tired to post. Damn HEB photo was closed so I couldn't pick up my film. If I had my digital cam I wouldn't have to worry about that. Better be here tomorrow. Me want sleepy......

Tuesday Sep 26th 4:30pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

No poll?

Well the site we use for our poll results decided that they needed to do "maintenance" to their server. So for now the poll has been taken down. Originially it got taken down last night because I put up an old file on accident. But then this happened so obviously i knew what was going to happen in the future and prepared the site for it....yea. Well back to "work". Digital camera should be in tomorrow. Once I get that, there's going to be daily bad-ass pics up. I will also have it at the shin-dig (If you don't know what this is, you don't need to know.)

Tuesday Sep 26th 1:00am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I haven't had time to post too much on the site recently, but I have done some good work helping some people in the INFO 210 class here. Sure, I am not in the class, but people see me as a good reference for html. Hell, I don't even write most of the code on this page. I just picked this shit up. Anyways, to see a page by a student who grasped the concept pretty well, go visit Jessica's Page. Oddly enough, this site has more of her sky diving pics posted than her site does. How lazy is she? Also, any similarity between her right click function and our's is purely coincidental.

Monday Sep 25th 11:50pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well I've had a productive day at my new job. I managed to put down a 6-pack of Shiner, watch the Monday night game, watch 3 episodes of The Simpsons, eat a lot of food, and have a long couple of games of nerf ping-pong versus the wall (Which let me tell you is not easy. The fucking wall kicked my ass every time. It must be b/c of the drinking.) Oh yea, I did take a couple of calls for work also. And now I'm posting. I love this job. Well it's time to go home and not sleep.

Sunday Sep 24th 11:55pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Well, this typing monkey has been busy playing with some of the features today. We changed fonts and all...not too exciting, but it makes our text easier to read. Also, we do know that some of our features still don't work in Netscape. If you are still having problems, E-mail us and tell us about it. Also...

Post Something

We made a nice little message board for all to see, and only the same people post on it over and over. Post something damn it.

Sunday Sep 24th 5:45pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well that old poll was just getting, old. So I made a new one. Don't know where the voting booth is? Look just to the right of this post you might find it. If you need more assistance, send an e-mail . Note: All e-mails sent asking where the voting booth is will be posted on The Dumbfucks Page

Saturday Sep 23rd 1:45am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Those son-of-a-bitches! UT LAN Admin decided that they're going to cut our bandwidth to 3.5GB per week! Damn that pisses me off. I mean honestly, are they hurting for bandwidth? Fuckin' A, don't they have a ds-3(about 5 t-3s together)? Shit, I can put 3.5GB down in 2 hours. Damnit that ruins my day.
It's a good thing I'm at work. Most people are glad NOT to be at work. But when you don't do much but surf the net and drink beer contributed by your company, it's not so bad. I need that drink too after learning of the bandwidth shit.

Friday Sep 22nd 8:33pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I probably won't be posting anything tonight since I am going to the Nixons concert. Finally, good music comes to College Station. Sure, Matchbox 20 rolled into town last week, but they just don't get hard enough for my liking. I shall prepare an entire rant about the quality of music in College Station later. For now, I must get my nice pre-concert buzz going before I get to the concert.

Friday Sep 22nd 5:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

The Jokes Pages are no longer just a long ass, page with a pile of unorganized jokes. I finally organized those bastards. Also, there is a new Funny Pics page. I know there is only one pic up now, but I will add many more later.

Friday Sep 22nd 3:20am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I have received a few new rants. Click here to read a funny rant about those damn chain letters. Click here to read a good rant from an Aggie in response to some stories in the Batt which said we weren't diversified enough.

Thursday Sep 21st 5:45am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I put the Turney page up. I will add funny comments later. But most of the pictures speak for themselves.

Friday Sep 15th 1:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

We now have some kind of organization for the party pics. There is now a Party Pics page for our parties and a Submitted Party Pics page for pics that people send us.

Thursday Sep 14th 12:35pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

This typing monkey felt productive today so I did more than just the jokes pages today. We are now providing forward e-mail accounts for anyone that wants an e-mail account in the format YourName@TamUt.com. Go here for more info about this new service that we are hooking y'all up with.

Wednesday Sep 13th 3:35pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I am sure many of you saw the "Jokes" link which didn't really go to anything. Well, this typing monkey has finally added some jokes to the jokes page. Enjoy.

Monday Sep 11th 9:03pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Fun with a Drunk!

Remember this guy? Ha, you should. This is my friend Jon Ray that happend to pass out at one of our parties. I decided that one picture was just not enough to explain the whole night of fun. So I made a whole page dedicated to the night! Go there and see the whole story with pics. If you have something this funny, send it in!

Monday Sep 11th 8:45pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

It's a voting booth! Yes, if you're really blind, or just stupid, that box on the right is a voting booth. The question of the moment is whether or not I should wear a lei to class every Friday. I am all for it, but apparently there are some people out there voting 'no'. If you are one of the people that voted 'no', go post on the message board why you did that. You better have some good reason because I want to wear that damn lei.

Wednesday Sep 6th 1:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

This site has been blessed with a true titan in the world of rants. Eric Cummings has sent this to us, but he is unsure who the author is. However, whoever wrote this rant deserves an award from Dennis Miller, the almighty king of rants. Note: If you have a 3rd grade vocabulary matched with the wit of a Pakistanian dirt vendor(aka Red Raiders), then this rant maybe a little over your head.

Tuesday Sep 5th 1:49am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Wondering what the hell that is a picture of? Go to the burnouts page and find out. And there's some more pics on the Party Pics. They were submitted by some A&M girls.

Sunday Sep 3rd 9:53pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Well, I guess the typing monkey should post something every once in a while also. Our friend Petus has written an amazing rant in response to the posts on the Dubmfucks Page. I suggest you all read it.