Misc Party Pics

These are some pictures from parties that one or both of us attended. We still have many more on the way though. A lot of these are ones that transferred over from Brian's old site.

Amber, Crazy, and Manda Russ, Blake, John, Brian, and Eric Blake, John, Jeff, and Russ Brian, Crazy, and Brian Aaron, Cindy, and Jessica
Jared and Amy Jessica and Cindy Circle of Death Circle of Death TCU girls and Jeff
Crazy and Brian Crazy and Brian Blake and Crazy Eric and Dave Eric
Eric Everyone The Guys Huntley Huntley, Rachel, Brian, and Adam
Definition of Irony Jackie Jessica, Cindy, and Jessica Cap, Keg, and Doc Lauryn and Ingrid
Petus Russ Jessica, Dave, and Cindy Crazy 'Sleeping' A Lot of Liquor
Brian, Eric, Tammy, and Jess Midnight Shot - Before Midnight Shot - After I may look silly, but I am not fighting a Tic-Tac box...yet. Matt stars as the Dirty Professor in the adult film, 'Earning Grades the Hard Way'
Jeff, Dave, and Petus Petus, Jess, Damon, Cody, Brian, Dave, Stephen, and Lu Ann Cody and Eric Stephen, Cody, Eric, and Matt Adam, Cody, Dave, Damon, and Brian
Jess, Damon, Liz, Lizzie, and Petus Brian Brian Linsey Rachel
Mandy, Dave, and Jennifer Mandy, Alexis, and Jennifer Mandy, Chris, and Jennifer Mandy and Jennifer Mandy, Matt, and Jennifer
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