Would you like a shorter e-mail address?

Many people get stuck with long e-mail addresses loaded with a bunch of numbers that no one will ever remember. If you go to A&M, then you are familiar with our format that makes as much sense as those damn mini curbs which occupy the College Station turning lanes. Well, we have a solution to this problem(we know we are don't have to tell us). The man, the people who host our website, only provide us with 10 POP e-mail accounts so we can't give you a free POP account. However, they give us an unlimited number of forward accounts. If you are unfamiliar with how a forward account works, it basically just sends the mail which is sent to your e-mail straight to your existing e-mail. Basically, you don't have to setup anything else, but you will have an easy to remember e-mail address to give out while continuing to use your same e-mail. If you have more questions or have the computer literacy of a monkey(not my special typing monkeys...they know what they are doing) and need further explanation, e-mail us. If you understand this concept and want an account with us, e-mail us your e-mail address and what you want your new e-mail address to be.