Old Posts - February 2001

Old Posts - February 2001

Fun on a Tuesday
Wednesday Feb 28th 1:05pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

This Pic Has Been Removed

Even on a Tuesday night, the ever hot Poster Girl can take some wild pics. I am sure the "Dirty Girls" will just love this pic and try to find something degrading about it. I guess those bitches just can't differentiate between simulated softcore porn and silly.

Today, Lindsay turns 19. She is now as old as the rest of us. Make sure and click here to wish her a happy birthday. And if you want to see a pic of her, click here .

serial game maker
alive, not too disappointed
Wednesday Feb 28th 11:30am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Yes, alive and unpepper sprayed. I decided not to drunkenly post at 4am since it only would have been rambling. Hmm, maybe I should have. Well at least I did write some drunken IMs. Though I'm not going to post them because it contains some confidential information about potential corporations. Well maybe not. But Austin PD still sucks. Not only did they scare off half the people from going to 6th last night, but then they decide to march everyone off 6th a 3am. Had a row of calvary follow by a row of 50 officers, followed by cruisers. Assholes. But there were more people down there than I had expected. I didn't take my digital camera because it was raining and I didn't care that much about pictures. Though my friend Anthony had some disposable cameras to catch some of the action. I'll post the pics when he gets them.

gone to 6th
Tuesday Feb 27th 10:00pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Just deciding to post before I head down to 6th. That way if I get pepper sprayed and arrested down there you all will know what happened. I'm out.

Attention Sorority Bitch
Monday Feb 26th 10:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It appears that a certain sorority bitch has entirely too much time on her hands and has taken it upon herself to bring up false accusations against a certain TamUt.com Poster Girl because of pictures on this site. I don't want to get off on a rant here, but no pictures on here even remotely make the Poster Girl, who is never pictured wearing her letters, poorly represent her sorority and bring degradation upon the sorority's good name. Of course, I do know of several members of that sorority who have brought acclaim and accredidation to the same sorority by having sex in the bathroom during sorority mixers, sleeping with most of the residents in the athletic dorm, and having sex with two different guys in the same night. I am positive that those acts upheld the good game of that sorority. But remember, all things are relative. At least there aren't any pics of the Poster Girl on the site like this.

No Fat Tuesday?
Monday Feb 26th 8:35pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I heard today on the radio that the parade for Fat Tuesday on 6th was canceled! That just blows. I looked for a news article on it and haven't found one yet. I'm sure there will be one up by tomorrow morning. So lets just think at that this means: Austin police shut down the parade becuase the felt that they couldn't protect the citizens in the case of a riot. So that means they think 1.) There will be riots on Tuesday and 2.) The riots will be so bad that they can't control them. With this in mind, how many girls do you think are going to 6th? Maybe a few, namely less attractive, butch girls. Granted I'm sure there will be some hotties, just not the amount that we were hoping for. I don't know if this puts a huge dent in my Tuesday night plans or not. I may still drink and head down there for the hell of it. We'll see. Got any thoughts about this? Post it on the Message Board.

Monday Feb 26th 11:25am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well apparently there were some riots on 6th street late Saturday night. I heard about it from a friend at work so I went to find a quick story on it. Click here to read about the riots on 6th. Hopefully this doesn't mean that Fat Tuesday will be any less fun. I think that problem is there there's just too many guys crammed together in a few city blocks. Riots are just inevitable.

TamUt.com Mardi Gras
Monday Feb 26th 2:35am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Before I even start, I shall reiterate that TamUt.com is not slowly converting into a softcore porn site. With that said, the TamUt.com Mardi Gras party was pretty damn good. Plenty of people attended. A lot of people really liked the TamUt.com shirts. We all got to wear a lot of beads and have a good time. To check out the pics, click here. When you put everything into perspective, everyone had a good time.

A Good Night
Saturday Feb 24th 7:45pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well I guess I'll write a quicky about last night, which was bad-ass. First was 6th for some Mardi Gras action. Saw a fair share of breasts and for the girls that pretty much raped me on the street I did my share of mooning. Then went to the Paul Oakenfold rave from 12-3. That was bad ass. Nothing better than hearing it all live with a laser show. Then out to my friend Ronnie's for some Hookah smoking. All in all, a damn good night. I'm expecting tonight to be better though.

Saturday Feb 24th 7:25pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Just a final note before I head out on my business trip. Every person that bitched out about driving to A&M tonight just sucks. You know who you are.

Always a crazy time at The Bar
Saturday Feb 24th 3:40pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Even if I only have a few people over, there are always some great pics to be taken. I won't even try to offer any explanation for this picture here. I assume Eric took it, but I really have no idea.

Tonight, Matt and I shall rendezvous at a secret meeting place near the Bryan/College Station area to discuss official TamUt.com matters. Well, either that or we are going to fill an apartment with people, a keg, one of Doc's 5 gallon cocktails, and beads and see what kind of craziness 3 digital cameras and one digital camcorder can capture. Good times shall be had.

More fun with videos...
Friday Feb 23rd 1:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Marc has brought his video talent to TamUt.com once again. This past weekend, he took a lot of footage from Kurt and Dan's Mardi Gras party and then cut it down to his best 15 min of footage. Highlights of the video include some of Jolie's now near famous performances of "I Touch Myself" and some great footage of Bob's MULTIPLE solo kegstands. I would kill myself trying to pull that shit off. You can find two versions of the video(one for good connections and one for gimpy dialup) on this page. Good times.

With the weekend approaching, I am sure all of us will receive and/or send out some drunken IMs. If you would like your drunken IM to be featured in the Drunken IMs/Emails section, then make sure and save your conversation and then send it to me. Also, it helps me out a whole lot if you just go to File, Save on the IM. Otherwise, it takes me longer to post, and you expect to see your IM on that page in 6-8 weeks. For a good example of a quality drunken IM, check out this IM that Jon got from Kinky Kelly over at American Jackass.

Shirts are IN!
Thursday Feb 22nd 1:25am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Sexy girl in TamUt shirt

After about 5 months of talking about it, we finally have TamUt.com shirts. I picked them up earlier this afternoon. I wanted to get pictures of them up as fast as possible so I was going to take a picture of me wearing one of them. But then I thought, "Why the hell am I taking a picture of me? I need a model." Since UT doesn't have a poster girl, I need to get a sexy girl to pose for me. And indeed I think I found a sexy one. Julie did a great job in her first photo-shoot. I may as well just put thumbs for the pics right here on the homepage. Click below to see the pics:

Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4

If you want a shirt you can get them for from one of us. Just e-mail us. We'll find a way to get it to you.

so close, but not quite
Wednesday Feb 21st 9:35pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You know those days when you go to the mailbox and there's absolutely nothing there for you? Well today wasn't one of those days. First I see a letter to my roommate from Mandy. Remember Mandy and Christy? The ones that didn't really belong on the dumbfucks page but I put them there anyway. Well they my roommate and Mandy had some type of deal where he would send her a picture of him right then and she would promise to send a picture of her back wearing the same amount of clothing. So the obvious choice was for him to send a picture of him with no shirt. Since I had a digital camera and half a clue about computers we had his picture to her in about 50 seconds. That was 2 weeks ago I think. So anyway, she finally sends her picture with her friend Christy. Of course she wasn't cool enough to hold her end of the bargain. I guess for some reason she thought that I would -post the picture-. I don't know why she would think such a thing.

Well the next letter was from The Department of Court & Detention Services. Damn tickets. Then some junk mail. Then I got a slip saying I have a big package at the front desk. That was a box from home with all my mail from the the past two months that was sent there. Just the normal: old credit card bills, bank statements, tuition bills, a couple of W-2s, and some other tax forms. In other words, nothing really important.

What I did get that got me curious and anxious was a big, official-looking letter from "The University of Texas at Austin, Office of the President." I was very excited. I opened it hoping to find a letter stating about our Trademark Infringement and Cease and Desist order. But no, just a stupid "College Honors Scholar" award. What a disappointment.

Oops, we broke the board
Wednesday Feb 21st 6:35pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

If you were on our Message Board today, you may have noticed that it was totally fucked up. I hope this didn't cause Heather or Jennifer any heart problems. However, we straightened out those problems with some time-consuming datebase editing. What a bitch. We did have some good help from Cody Wayne Maxwell Powell, but he told us to credit the ho's instead of him. He said none of it would be possible without the ho's.

letters...we've got letters...
Wednesday Feb 21st 9:35am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Lots and lots of letters. Doug, one of our readers also had a little say in the huge abortion sign business. He sent in a short letter about what he had to say. We encourage sending us e-mails with feedback about the issues we write about so I'll post what he had to say.

Click here to read his letter

...even more ranting
Wednesday Feb 21st 12:15am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It seems that the pro-lifers just picked up their 18 ft display and moved it to Austin. Those dirty bastards. To express his disgust with the display from last week, Jon has written one hell of a rant. I suggest that all of you click here and read it. And if you are any kind of a man, click Jon's name too see some nice Mardi Gras pics of "classy" women showing their artistic side.

...more ranting
Tuesday Feb 20th 10:46pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Did I say I was all ranted out? Well that was before the stupid-ass pro-lifers decided that they should setup right in front of Gregory Gym with 40 foot signs of dead fetuses and other disgusting pictures. What the fuck!??! Do they think that by grossing someone out with the stupid fucking pictures that they are going to change someone's mind about an abortion or not?! Do these people have nothing else to do?! We are college students, not elementary students. You can't show us a gross picture saying "don't do that," and expect us to even listen. All it does is piss people off. Like me, right now. I'm pissed. All it does is make me want to go beat the shit out of them for being so ignorant, thinking their gross picture will effect us. Damn I want to pound each and every one of their faces in. I don't know one person that has said (or anything close to), "I sure am glad they put up that picture of the dead genocide." You know why?! Because no one wants to see that nasty crap! Of course they know that no one wants them there so there has to be 4 cops there guarding the place at all times. I wonder how much money they had to pay UT to let them pull this kind of stunt? It's just complete bullshit!

--matt doesn't like the pro-life campaign on campus
Tuesday Feb 20th 1:15am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

It seems that false accusation can be added to the ideals which sororities are supposed to stand for. One of my friends, who shall remain anonymous, has been accused by her sorority of drinking while underage. You would think that an accusation like this would be backed by some kind of concrete evidence. However, they are basing their accusation on a photograph from this site of this individual that does not show her holding or consuming any alcoholic beverage or any beverage at all. I will not doubt that alcohol was present at these parties, but I would call that guilt by association. I guess this sorority just felt one of its members shouldn't be in the presence of alcohol. She must have been ruining the good name of her sorority by not wearing any of the letters of the sorority which she was not a member of when the pics were taken. Pictures like that don't keep you from becoming a Massachusetts senator or a Russian president, and so they shouldn't mean a damn thing to a sorority.

...it continues
Tuesday Feb 20th 12:26am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I myself am all ranted out. But it seems that there's still plenty of ranting to be done because people keep sending it in everyday. So here is is from a tech student to you ... more ranting ...

Click here to read new rant

Famous House Party
Sunday Feb 18th 11:40pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

I attended one of Tiffany, Carly, and Andi's 'famous house parties' this past weekend. And while I have to say we were disappointed in the PMD Crowd (Primarily Male Dominated), we did have a damn good time. Like the typical 'famous house party' goes, there was much craziness. Namely the guy juggling fire. I did take some pictures while I was there. Mostly pics of the juggler and the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of replacing a floated keg.

Click here to see the new pics

Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Sunday Feb 18th 4:00pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
The Helpful Carpool People

I have to say that Kurt and Dan threw one, bad ass Mardi Gras party this past Friday. Hot women plus an endless supply of beer always equals a good time. We never can seem to float kegs over there...probably because all the people still bring their own. It's always nice when people show some good party etiquette. We didn't have MULIPLE polls and MULTIPLE strippers, but it was still one, kick ass time. Click here to check out what all my dig cam collected(via Sarah, the camera girl). Also, click here to check out Marc's pics. He sure got some good pics and even got to do his first keg stand. Although, it wasn't as impressive as Bob's solo kegstands, you gotta start somewhere. I can't wait to see what Marc's camcorder caught. I do know that the Poster Girl did some more performances of "I Touch Myself." Ah, good times.

Rationale from the West
Saturday Feb 17th 7:40pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

A Tech student recently confirmed the rumor that there may be intelligent life in west Texas. We received a mini-rant from him about Texas school in paragraph form and with the best grammar we've seen from a Tech student yet. The excellent essay has earned him a spot in the Rants Section rather than the typical section.

Click here to read the new rant

-- Special note should be taken that the Webmasters do respect the *few* intelligent Tech students.
Jolie is the A&M Poster Girl
Friday Feb 16th 5:15pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

<Pic Removed>

Much to not many people's surprise, Jolie is the A&M Poster Girl for TamUt.com. Jolie was elected to her position by going through a rigorous selection process(I asked her, and she said yes). Of course, since the only duties of a TamUt.com Poster Girl are to party with us and spread the word of our site, then I don't think there is anyone who does that better. From her numerous performances of "I Touch Myself" to her cell phone message that plugs our site, she is a bonafide poster girl. She shall go through a classy inauguration ceremony this evening (get drunk with me at a Mardi Gras party). Good times shall be had.

More rants
Friday Feb 16th 4:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well we got a response from two Tech girls, Mandy and Christy, about all our recent Tech bashing. While I know these girls and their rant had *some* rational thought, they pretty much asked to be on the Dumbfucks Page. And they also upset me today so the choice was easy where to put their rant.

Click here to read the letter from Dumbfuck #5

Better order them beads
Thursday Feb 15th 10:50pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Lots of beads

Well I got my beads two days ago from Toomey's Mardi Gras. The order couldn't have gone smoother. They have great pictures of all the beads and they turned out looking just like the pictures. The prices were great and shipping took 5 days (UPS ground with tracking so I got to impatiently watch the box get here). I spent a total of $70 (including $10 for shipping) on over 600 beads. I first thought I'd put them all around my neck, but when I saw the 7 pound box of beads I realized that they won't all fit. Oh yea, they were considerate enough to line the box with newspaper to keep it packed tight. They were also nice enough to send me this newspaper, which is a half completed crossword puzzle. Just thought that was classic.

The point I'm trying to make is that you need to get your ass over to Toomey's Mardi Gras and order your beads for Mardi Gras. If you order today or tomorrow, then they will be there by next Friday and in time for you to party all weekend with them. Trust me, if you go to Mardi Gras with no beads, it's just not the same.

Damn the Rag
Wednesday Feb 14th 9:45pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian