"Rant from Red Raider"
-- more rants from the tech students

Let me start off by saying that I've enjoyed looking around your site. It's has a nice layout and I appreciate the pics showing off the lovely aggie and longhorn ladies. There's no doubt God blessed our state with the finest girls in the world. As far as the rest of the site, I found it intriguing that your motto seems to be: "The site that unites UT and TAMU by a common bond of alcohol and the knowledge that Texas Tech is not a real school." The purpose of your site seems to be dismantling our belief that we can compete with UT and A&M at anything. I think A&M and UT are great schools. Here at Texas Tech we always look forward to playing or trying to compete with you guys. I just wonder about your preconceived notion that we are obsessed with being like you or being your rival. In my opinion, Tech isn't that obsessed with being on your level. Why? Because we aren't, and we know it. Its easy to categorize anyone or any group. I'll just give you my personal opinion on the three schools and let you categorize me however you choose. Red Raiders know that we don't meet many of the qualities of UT and A&M. We are less than half the size of both the other schools. We don't get anywhere near the same amount of money and don't have alumni bases close to the size of those of UT and A&M. Our academics aren't on par with either of your schools. We know that. Just realize the ignorance of proclaiming that Tech is made up of ignorant people who couldn't get into your schools. I personally applied to Tech, UT and Stanford. I never considered A&M. I didn't get accepted to Stanford, but I did get accepted to UT and TTU. My test scores would rival those of the large majority of the students on your campuses. I think we all know that Tech is not known for the across the board excellence at UT or the deserved respect that A&M gets. Just please don't tell me that when I graduate in a year with my degree in Computer Science it won't be worth anything. We really don't think that we are on the same level as you. It seems to me that you are more obsessed with telling me how pathetic my school is than I am with claiming "I'm as good as you are." I thought Tech was a better fit for me. I enjoying the fact that I can get to campus in 15 minutes when I live 10 miles away. I enjoy that I personally know my profs and that I can get into the classes I want. I love being apart of our traditions whether you know about them or not. I love the fact that people walk sideways on a calm day because they are trying to adjust to the lack of wind. I love going to sports events and screaming my lungs out for my team. I love the group of lifelong friends I've made. I love the fact that I found the girl I'll marry that's twice as beautiful as any girl to ever walk on your campus. I love that it snows here one day and is a sunny 70 degrees the next. I love my school. I don't care if you don't. Academics are taken seriously in my circle of friends. We don't wonder if we are getting an education that's as high of quality as that of yours. Of course there are plenty of idiots here that can gets by with minimal effort. Its harder to look for good qualities in a school than it is to put a label on everyone. I think Texas Tech is a better school than Texas or Texas A&M. I'm sorry if you can't fathom that. I don't want to be like you as much as you don't want to be like me.

As far as athletics go, it's a similar situation to academics. We don't have funding that comes close to UT or A&M. Of course its harder to recruit people here in West Texas. UT has more money than they know what to do with. The facilities are tons better. Jones stadium looks like a high school stadium compared to Kyle Field and Royal Memorial. What do you expect? You have multiple times the money to work with and an alumni base that isn't comparable. No one denies this. Don't get me wrong, we are always trying to get better and build better facilities, but it isn't to try and match the other schools in our state. I know that you don't want to consider us a rival. Here's our view: We're fine with it. Seriously. I love getting ready to play you guys. It's the games we look forward to all year. If we were taken more seriously, we would probably have a lot harder time pulling out wins. We know that ya'll(we're all Texans right?) are better than us at most everything. And honestly, we're fine with it. We aren't blind to the truth. Hell, we beat the aggies as often as we beat North Texas. That isn't saying much. If you care or don't care about us doesn't change the fact that we love the chance to beat you. On a side note, isn't it amusing that you don't care about us and yet you have sites dedicated to labeling us a community college? A&M proud football history is really limited to success in the last two decades. Please don't talk about the 1930's. In the last couple of decades there was a stretch where you dominated UT for the first and only time in your history. What do you have to show for this stretch??? Not much guys. What does Tech have to show in our history? Hardly anything, but we don't think of ourselves as a national power either. You can think we are pathetic for wanting to beat ya'll so badly. Realize though that your "rival", Texas, hates OU more than you. And please don't think that KSU, NU and OU think of you as a powerhouse. You aggies had you chance and you couldn't cross the line of greatness. You are only going down now. The horns on the other hand are of course on the rise. The only problem is that over the last three decades your program has the label of underachievers. Next year is a crucial year. I'm hoping ya'll can finish top 5 like everyone is expecting. My beloved university cracks the top 25 once every 5 years.but we still get up for you guys. All that I'm claiming is that we know we aren't on the same level as you. Hopefully that will some day change, but until then keep thinking of us as an afterthought and I'll keep cheering my team to wins.

Forgive my rambling, I happened upon this site today and I couldn't help but give a little rebuttal right away. I'll get to my point. I love Texas Tech University. Until the day I die I'll cheer for the Red and Black. There is lots I don't like about your schools. I could spend hours more detailing them and enter your name calling game. The thing is, I have plenty of respect for both of your schools. Please think twice before deciding that we live our lives trying to be like you or that we couldn't get into your respective school. I don't judge all of ya'll by the labels everyone tries to give. Instead of giving differences between us, I will wrap this up giving you three common bonds between us: (1) We love our school (2) We have enough distaste for the others that we can't possibly imagine being an aggie/longhorn/red raider (3) We wouldn't want it any other way.

Aaron T.

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