Dumbfuck #5 - Mandy and Christy

Well, I suppose that the best way to start this off would be by introducing ourselves. My name is Mandy, and I am a student at Texas Tech University. I was just sitting here with my pledge sister Christy, who is also a student at Tech, and we decided to contribute our thoughts to your "dumbfucks" page.

We would like to give the webmasters credit for creating this site, and while we find it a little on the pathetic side, it is rather amusing. This site obviously takes a lot of time and energy though, and we find it amazing that as much as y'all go on and on about "admissions standards", that you actually have the time to maintain tamut.com as well as you do.

I (Christy) would like to talk about where I come from and why I don't go to UT or A&M. I am from Los Alamos, New Mexico which happens to have the most Ph. D's per capita. If you haven't heard, Los Alamos is the home of the Los Alamos National Labratory, where both of my parents happen to work. I didn't apply to either UT or A&M because I didn't wish to venture that far away from home, but I do have a close friend (Amy Yactor) that attended the same high school I did and she attends UT. Just because I go to Tech, does not automatically label me as stupid or unintelligent. I just didn't apply to either of those schools.

I (Mandy) was born in raised in Dallas, Tx, and let me just say that I would NEVER, in a million years, ever even considered going to A&M. On the other hand, I was also born into a family full of Longhorn fans. My point is, while I admit that I didn't have the grades to go to UT, I do not sit around and trash it. It seems as if the majority of you spend all of your free time ranting about Texas Tech, Lubbock, and the students that attend school here. You also imply that everyone who attends Tech soley came to school here because we did not get into UT or A&M. I have many friends who did not even apply to your schools, or any other for that matter, and they have just as much Tech pride as any Aggie or Longhorn.

What we are basically trying to say is that we have just as much pride in our school as all of you do, but you do not see any Tech students coming up with website's to trash UT or A&M. Maybe we were taught better the rules of respecting others and their choices, or maybe we actually have a life that prevents us from sitting around and pondering what lovely things we could say about others. Or maybe we are just taking into account what our parents always taught us: When somebody has nothing better to do than to make fun of you, then they are just jealous. Why don't you think about how you spend your time, and apply that theory to it.

-Mandy and Christy

A quick note from the webmaster:

Tech does have a A&M and UT hate site. Raiderpower.com Go check out the forums. Also it should be noted that our sole purpose on this site is not to make fun of Tech. Though it is entertaining.

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