Road Trip 2003

This is the story of 9 brave days in the road. In a Buick Century. Across 9 states. 3000 miles of asphalt and/or concrete. And me.

So how do you make that kind of a trip by yourself and not go crazy? Well you keep a little journal of what's going on. Oh yea, and party like hell in the days between driving.

This is my journal and collection of pictures from, what I like to call, Road Trip 2003. (Yes, I'm a complete loser for actually typing all this up, but what's new?)

Part 1 - Champaign, Illinois

Driving 10 hours and partying it out for a few days here.

Part 2 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Making a detour so that I could party with some folk in Indiana

Part 3 - All the rest

Back to champaign, then to virginia and home.