Road Trip 2003

The first leg of the trip started off in normal old Austin ending in the boring hometown of Arlington. Needless to say that I didn't waste any pictures on this leg. But the very next day my companion and I hit the road for Champaign, Il. You can read the boring details of being in the car for 10 hours below. From the second I arrive in the city it was just non-stop drinking. They definitely drink more there than in Austin. Probably because there ain't shit else to do. I saw their version of 6th Street, played some drinking games, and ran into an old friend from last summer in Wisconsin. I also saw one of the best pranks ever which entailed painting a wall. Well I guess the game had been going back and forth for a while with pranks and just escalated to this.



Tuesday, May 20th

11:57pm: About to leave Austin . . . only 2 hours behind schedule and haven't even started

Wednesday, May 21st

12:01am: in car and run through checklist again . . . realize I forgot suitcase with all my clothes, off to a great start already
12:05: got clothes . . . know I'm off for real
12:10: get gas and red bull b/c I'm already tired
12:22: remember friend has red bull hook up. Called to see if I can stop by while in dallas . . . no go . . .has a monthly quota of 30/month.
12:26: I think I'm going to count (tally) how many 50 cent songs I hear on the radio . . . at 3 already.
12:30: "I like the you do that right THURRR" . . . love that song
12:34: woo hoo . . . fast truck passes me. Now I can just follow him. I call this the "follow the bitch" strategy.
12:45: so fresh and so clean, clean
12:50: entrée ain't good w/o something on the side
1:16: still following bitch. I hope I don't crash while writing
1:36: Stupid pen keeps breaking when I write
1:40: leg getting tires from pushing gas down. Cruise only works up to 85mph.... who cruises at under 85?!
1:52: Damn, my bitch exited . . . oh well . . . it was a good run, but oooo, here's another one.
1:59: looking for something to rig this pen with so it won't keep breaking . . .
2:16: finally decided on gum to fix the pen . . it think it's working
2:28: bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce . . . . bounce, bounce, bounce. I think R Kelly was riding in a car as bouncy as mine when he write that line.
2:39: home in arlington, 2hr 20min, not too shabby. Sleepy time
8:00am: wake up and leave for rental car
9:02: still at rental place
10:02: first rental car was a piece of shit so I went back to get a new one, they gave me a buick century . . . pretty nice old-person car.
10:20: sweet, found the cruise control . . . didn't think it had it. . . . I wonder what states radar detectors are illegal in . . . I'll have to look that up
10:25: Damn already passed 3rd cop. . . bastards
10:30: shit, missed a turn already, need to pay more attention
10:40: ok, don't have to turn again for another 300mi, I should be good
11:09: already tired
11:24: I'm gonna see how trashed I can get this car. From now on all the trash goes on the floor
12:11: just passed "left lane for passing only" sign. Did you know that you can get a ticket for driving in the left lane while not passing? . . . . wish they would enforce that more often
12:13: this car must have a behemoth gas tank. 175mi and only used 1/4th a tank
12:15: oooo, just passed a girl that had a bumper sticker that said "I love dorks". I should pull her over
12:20: hmm, pine trees everywhere. Didn't know they grew wild in texas
12:22: it's raining and the sun is out . . . where's the rainbow? What a jip
12:41: 2 bumper stickers on truck . . . "Commercial Vehicle" and "Driver carries no cash . . . HE'S MARRIED!" . . . funny
12:49: Arkansas state line, 220miles.
12:52: 5 construction zones next 140 miles . . . yeah
1:04: give me that toot! Toot! And I'll give you that beep! Beep! I think I figured it out. R Kelly was on a road trip when he wrote that whole song. First the bounce . . . then this. I just passed one of those trucks w/ railroad wheels on it too . . . get it?
1:15: I wonder it it's legal to put a huge mirror on the back on your car . . . then at night no one could drive behind you b/c they'd be blinded by their own lights.
1:59: for the first time today someone passes me . . time to implement my strategery
2:07: just remember that I forgot my jacket . . oh well. Guess I'm gonna be cold
2:40: driven through little rock . . 365mi. Trying to think of good domain names for a new website I may start. . . .
2:57: cool, plane crop dusters flying around
3:22: there's a fly sitting on the back windsheild . . . rolled down all 4 windows at 90mph... I think that got him.
4:05: woohoo, got a call from a friend in Pittsburgh that I haven't heard from all week. Was worried about that.
4:28: West Memphis, 500mi
4:54: hungry
5:18: Missouri state line . . I thought I was going through Tennessee, what the hell?
6:00: I think there is more "nothing" in Missouri than anywhere else
6:13: on last highway, only 250 more miles. Did I just say only?
6:27: cross Mississippi river, in Illinois, 657mi.
6:41: got pulled over . . . clocked at 75 in 65. Damn, got ticket #1. Hopefully there isn't a ticket #2. $75 down the drain
7:30: Really hungry now . . guess that makes sense, haven't ate in 10 hours.
7:42: chips and gas, 737mi
8:19: first 10 hours weren't real bad but now I'm real bored.
8:31: maybe some country music will spice things up ....
8:38: nevermide. After 3 songs I think I need some anti-depression pills. Why would people want to listen to this sappy/depressing music?
9:02: Don't know why I didn't get a drink at the last stop. I'm real thirsty.
9:58: Finally there. 12hrs, 900mi.

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