Road Trip 2003

The last leg of the trip was probably the least crazy, but still cool. Drove from Illinois to Virginia and hung out at Radford University in the middle of the Appalachian mountains. Since I was there Ihave to go hiking up through the hills.

An event that, if you believe or not, did not include drinking. After that I headed home, stopped at a little place called Graceland along the way and was glad to be home.



Thursday May 29th

8:30am: time to leave, only 1100 miles to go! At 1825 miles for the trip
9:05: the highway I'm on is both I-81 South and I-77 North going the same direction, how the hell does that work?
9:11: in VA radar detectors are illegal so I think I'll put away mine for now
10:11: enter Tennessee, time to put up detector
10:55: 2000 miles
1:30: get an hour back, and cop just pulled over car two behind me. Close call
12:48: gas & arbys
1:37: TN has good rap stations
1:40: you know your town is ghetto when half the clubs advertise "come here, where it's safe!"
2:48: nothing but country on the radio now, I take it back
3:00: been stuck in construction for 20 minutes now, this it ridiculous
5:00: make stop in mempis at graceland . . . too late for tours but I got some awesome sun glasses
5:31: Arkansas
6:11: Biker cut me off when I tried to pass . . . was tempted to flip him the bird but then decided flipping off a gang of bikers on the highway is probably a bad idea
7:57: trailer #1 is going 55mph, trailer #2 is going 56mph and feels he must pass trailer #1 in order to maintain his lightening speed. This should be illegal.
8:11: ah, after 8pm, night minutes on phone!
10:00: done on phone, now listening to Mavs-Spurs game
12:30: there, 2978mi! no more driving for me for a while.

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