"Rebuttal to Dumbfuck #12"

The following is a rebuttal to dumbfuck #12.

Dear dumbfuck Jen:

I first want to thank you in advance for realizing you are a fucking idiot and are well deserving of the Dumbfuck #12 slot ( since the subject of jen's e-mail was 'I'll save you the time-- Dumbfuck #12' ). And now I'll rip through your e-mail.

We call you school LCC not really to hurt your already incompetent minds or degrade your pathetic excuse for an academic curriculum, but it's the closest description of your school that we could find. Yea, we flaunt all the time that we're the smartest, most clever sons of bitches out there for dubbing that term < end sarcasm > . Also, at no point on our page did we ever say Tech was our rival. You might bring up that fact because, like most tech students, your school lacks the ability to consistently compete with in other school in any division. You say we post 'non-backed facts.' Your right, we don't have any backed facts about tech being a Teir 3 school or UT and A&M being Teir 1 schools. Nope, none at all.

Now I know it is confusing how we've bridged the gaps between UT and A&M, but not much more can be expected of you. So take a deep breath and try to soak it all in. Get back with me next year to see if you've gotten a hold of the concept yet.

So you say we don't have lives? You obviously were a typical illiterate tech student and just looked at all the pictures and didn't read (just like you do with magazines). I can pretty much say the stories speak for themselves. And you say no one wants to see our site? Why don't you ask the 1200+ different people that come each day. Or the 12,000 different people that visit each month (that's unique hits, but if you count each time we got a hit then you'd be at about 50,000 a month). So yea, no one wants to see any of it at all.

And let me tell you this, when wake up 10 years from now, do you think you'll remember all the crazy shit you've done? I will. You know why, because it's all right here. And I can come back to it any day I want. So if you are trying to degrade us and say we're idiots for posting all the stuff we do, try again. If you are too mature to throw a New Years or Christmas party in July and buy stupid gifts, then I pity you. I'll be old and more mature for 50 years. I'll do my crazy 'immature' stuff now and have fun doing it. If you don't like looking at it, then don't come to the site. I am certainly not making you look at it.

If you think that I've dreamed all my life of going to UT, you're way off. I didn't even know where I was going to go to school until about March of my senior year in HS. I just happened to make the good decision of picking the Business school of UT. Fuck, my mom even tried to talk me out of going to UT because she thought I should go to UT Arlington because it was cheaper. So think twice when you try to pin me down. Oh, and good job on barely passing your classes. That'll help to an excellent job when/if you graduate.

Somehow since we have a website we're insecure idiots. Every person that has ever seen our site that goes to UT or A&M loved it. Every single one. So you're way off on that as well. So why don't you go back to being a slut at Tech and spread your diseases some more.


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