Dumbfuck #12 - jen

Hi, I have a few, short suggestions for you little cocksuckers.

First of all, the fact that you can sit there and downgrade Texas Tech is pathetic. Do you really think you are hurting anyone at tech by calling us "LCC". Which let me tell you, you guys are SO wise, I mean, which one of you thought of calling Tech a community college? Wow. Impressive. I am in awe at the literary skills your respective institute of higher education has taught you. I wish Tech would teach us how to come up with such GENIUS nicknames for a school that we claim isn't our rival. Which reminds me of my point -- WE'RE NOT YOUR FUCKING RIVAL. But oh, something is wrong with this situation because here you are, feeding into a scenario that sure seems like something rival schools would practice in. I am so confused, because if we meant nothing to you, you wouldn't waste your time posting non-backed facts, incoherent thoughts and bullshit about a school that was probably one of your choices when you were in HS and applied. And to make it all the more confusing to me, you have teamed up with a school that *IS* your rival to make fun of a school that *ISN'T*-- Weird.

Second, get lives. You both obviously suffer from an attention deprived childhood. You were obviously big losers in high school. And now, you're in fucking college and it's time for you to stop trying to make people think you are cool and grow the fuck up. No one cares about your friends, your parties, your stupid rants. I know I sure as hell don't want to look at your ugly asses and your ugly ass friends doing things with dildos. All you are doing is trying to say "look at me! I don't live with mommy and daddy anymore! I can buy alcohol and have parties and girls show up! I have pictures to prove it!" What the fuck ever. People who actually HAVE lives don't have to advertise it to the world. What kind of people are you? You think that because you go to UT or A&M you are better then anyone else? Just because you know HTML and can make a webpage flaunting your immaturity and stupidity makes your school a more intelligent environment? Yeah, I must go to tech, because that makes no sense to me.

Third, I'm an art major at "LCC"... I wasn't valedictorian of my class, I wasn't in the top 10%, I didn't even fucking go to class last semester. But what you two have failed to realize is that everyone isn't you. Everyone doesn't dream of going to UT, and if you are dreaming of going to A&M it's because you either want to be butt raped in the corps or your Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Dad and Mom are all alumni. I have lived in Austin ALL my life and it never once crossed my mind that I would go to UT. Unlike you all however, I'm not going to fish around for any minute problem, sports team loss, or drop in tier status. I know guys, you are probably going to rebut with "well that's because you can't find anything, blah blah ramble ramble, stereotype, tech sucks, ad nauseam" -- well, if that makes you feel like more of a man and compensates for your small penises, then go ahead, tell yourselves whatever the fuck you want.

The fact is, you are both insecure idiots with nothing better to do then sit at your computers and give your schools bad names. I hope one day, after you realize how lame your little webpage is, you're both able to come to terms with that. In the mean time though, I'd pray to god your peers don't stumble upon this page and kick your asses for being such morons.


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