"Rebuttal to Dumbfuck #11"

The following is a rebuttal to Rancid Smegma's dumbfuck rant.

I am appalled that some school district is burdened with the fact that they "educated" you. Once again, an LCC dipshit picked up a copy of "Big Book of Bullshit- Lies That Tech Students Tell Themselves to Avoid Facing the Reality That They Actually Attend Tech" and felt the need to spread the largest amount of false evidence he could using only his book, a computer, and the writing skills of a third grader. I take that back. I could write much better than that as a third grader. Of course, I shouldn't have been able to because I attend a university for "inbreeds and Asians." Of course, this is hard to do since A&M's undergraduate student body is made up of only 14% minorities(The site doesn't give the percentage, and so you'll have to divide the part by the whole or the little one by the big one). Since only a few facts exist in your entire work of literary garbage, I shall just list all the places where your "research" was wrong. First, Texas A&M is a Top 50 school; LCC is a Tier 3 school. A&M in ranked in 12 areas; Tech is ranked in 3. By the way, we outrank you in those 3. Over the past decade(1992-2001 in case you don't know what a span of ten years is), our football team's record is 90-32-1(0.732) while LCC's is 66-49(0.574). For a team that has "sucked ass for a decade," we sure found a way to sneak in 24 more wins. And since you didn't want to mention any other sports, I figured I would mention a few. The Mighty Kumquat pulled some stats off of Big12Sports.com and found that A&M outranks LCC in football, men's golf, women's golf, cross country, men's soccer, women's soccer, softball, men's swimming, women's swimming, men's tennis, women's tennis, men's track and field, women's track and field, and volleyball. That leaves you two sports- basketball and baseball. And since you decided to bring up the ladies, I figured I would say that A&M and LCC have comparable women. Any "good lookers" that you "stole" from us is only because we have higher admission standards. Of course, you can keep all your ladies as far as I'm concerned. That way, the mass of loose women with multiple STD's stays in middle-of-nowhere Lubbock. By the way, here's a glance at the Playboy College Rankings. The only Texas school that made the top 10 was UT at #1. And finally, when the Red Raiders do come to CS this year, I hope your team is prepared to have their asses handed to them on a plate and for your retarded, 3 digit score on the SAT fans to learn how a group of people can win with class.


P.S. And just so you know, Reveille is a she, not a he, and undoubtedly better looking than any "she" you've ever been with.

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