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E-mail #1
Hey Hey Hey you faggot ass aggies. Well before looking at this webpage i believed that UT was a fine upstanding University, and that A&M was a piece of shit school for inbreeds and Asians. After reading this webpage i have decided that UT is still a fine upstanding University(which Tech is on its way to becoming) and that a&m is still a piece of shit school that we kick the shit out of every year in every sport. I think its rather funny that a&m still doesnt like to recognize us as a rival, even though 10,000 of you travel 1/2 way across the state to see your team get their ass smacked around like the little bitches they are. But you say "We love our football team", first of all, your football team has sucked ass for a decade, secondly, i was referring to your basketball team, which scored a whopping 18 points in the entire first half. To finish up this letter, UT, your a good school, and i wont attempt to degrade you, except i am amazed you made a website with these friggin morons. But you aggies, you simply cannot seem to get over your irrelevance, your football team sucks cock, we wont even mention the rest of your athletics program, your girls are all ugly(we steal all the good lookers, dont believe us? Playboy has us at #2 in the country), your school is dilapidating, that gay ass bonfire isnt even allowed anymore, aaaand, we, yes we Texas Tech, recently outranked you in Business, Mathematics, Agriculture, and some other minor disciplines. I think i can say it, and everyone will back me up................. a&m is dying

E-mail #2
Guess what Aggies? The Texas Tech Red Raiders are coming to College Station this fall, and were gonna take that little faggot farris and rape him like the bitch he is. Then were gonna tear down your precious goalpoast and shove it up Reveille's ass. Ya thats right, and he's gonna like it too. And all you Aggie boys will thank us for being nice and not tearing down all of Kyle field. Ya thats right, look out aggie's.

One Crazy ass Red Raider

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