"Rebuttal to Dumbfuck #10"

The following is a rebuttal to Allison's dumbfuck rant.

Your comments made my brain hurt because I could not find one sentence which actually made any sense. I have no idea where you got the "fact" about UT being "full of ACC transfer students who were too dumb to be admitted on their first several tries to get into UT." Next, burnt orange may not be the most fashionable color, but who the hell cares? Schools don't change their colors to meet with the fashion standards of the time. Only a school like LCC would do a thing like that, but they already fittingly have the same colors as my high school and have no need to change. Moving on, I don't know how exactly Reveille would ever get hit by some sort of automobile. We don't let her roam free on the campus and just track her down for football games. As far as your goalpost goes, you can stick it up your ass because that is the only goalpost you will ever touch. You have to win at Kyle or Memorial before you can touch our goalposts, and I still wouldn't recommend that. Finally, 79% of you had little choice in where you went to school because only 21% of LCC students were actually in the top 10% of their high school class.

P.S. What kind of white trash would you have to be to have a metal spork that could actually rust?


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