Dumbfuck #10 - Allison

Note to TAMUT.com: UT is full of ACC transfer students who were too dumb to be admitted on their first several tries to get into UT. I hope the bull shits all over your faces. yeah... burnt orange... not a good color... do you wear that on purpose? Didn't that go out in the 70's? I dunno... maybe not...

A&M beats up their own old men in the stands after we kindly try to give them a goalpost. We hope that their stupid dog runs through heavy traffic. Oh wait... there is no traffic in College Station... unless the dog were to get run over by a tractor or something.

All we have to say is... I hope each and every one of you dumbshit longhorns and aggies get the fuck beaten out of them at Texas Tech football games next year... because... we can be viscious with our goal posts. UT... you're next.

Oh... and to note... due to a top 10% rule in the state... we could have gone to UT or A&M...but since those schools suck my white ass... we would rather gouge out our eyeballs with a spork. a dirty rusty spork.

--Another Red Raider

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