"Rebuttal to Dumbfuck #8"

The following is a rebuttal to Justin's dumbfuck rant.

For starters, I am sorry that you have a problem getting laid. I know not all women in Lubbock are trashy, but in all probability, you should at least encounter enough trashy ones to get laid at some point. Just comb the Sweet Tarts out of your beard and find yourself a woman(or Lubbock equivalent). Now, I get to the interesting part. My challenge never accused everyone in Lubbock of having problems with the English language and using "fuck" as every part of speech. Now that I think about, I should have but didn't. Those comments were based on the fact that we have received rants with everything misspelled and liberal use of the word "fuck." We even received a series of rants like that from this LCC girl, but those have since been removed for legal reasons. This is when all reason goes out the door. The A and the M in Texas A&M no longer stand for anything. They used to, but they don't anymore. Of course, you still made a horribly inaccurate judgment on what those letters stand for. When anybody else thinks of agricultural and mechanical, they think of the people who produce the food we eat and the people who make things work. Of course, when most people think of Texas Tech, they think of a substandard university, not a university "developing new technology." As far as your couch comment goes, I have no idea where you got that from. Your couch reference absolutely baffled Matt and I, and so I can't comment on that directly. Finally, your comment about a center of learning implying a learned crowd is one of the worst attempts at logical reasoning I have ever seen. I think Gary Larson easily disproves that with his Midvale School for the Gifted. In closing, you get no points for trying. You don't get an E for effort. You get a HS for Holy Shit that is the worst logic I have ever seen.


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