Dumbfuck #8 - Justin

I'll be focusing my rant upon your 'challenge' statement...you make quite a few erroneous statements. For starters, if there were that many trashy women in Lubbock, the laws of probability dictate I'd be getting some right now; rather than writing you. And if that's not enough evidence, because that was a rather superfluous statement, I'd submit that there are more women in Lubbock that are respectable than there are trashy ones. There is no real criterion for you to weigh this city upon to reach that conclusion. Next, I have yet to meet someone in Lubbock who uses 'fuck' as every part of speech. People in Lubbock tend to make fair use of the English language, something you in your esteemed ignorance have obviously neglected. And as for misspelling? This is a university. A center of learning implies that learned people come here. While I'll not claim we have the highest IQ nationwide, there are fairly intelligent people here. Let's face it...Texas Tech University just sounds more intelligent than Texas Agriculture and Mechanics. Inherently, that name invokes two stereotypes...Billy Bob out in the field in his bib overalls, or some grease monkey under the hood of an old clunker. On the other hand, our university name implies intelligence, and a dynamic group of people working together, developing new technology. Next, most of the dorms here do not have couches...yet another example of ignorance on your part. If you're going to attempt to insult our living quarters, perhaps research would benefit your cause. Furthermore, many people can define irony...it's part of standard English courses, for one, and like I said earlier, this is a center of learning, which inherently implies a learned crowd. Irony is the fact that you make so many false statements, and proceed to belittle OUR intelligence.

--Another Red Raider

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