"Rebuttal to the Dumbfuck #4"

Here is my rebuttal to Dumbfuck #4, Richard Dunn. This rebuttal need special attention because of the extent of his ignorance. Therefore I broke his letter into pieces and placed it here in ITALICS and my comments below each block. Enjoy.

  I somehow (mistakenly) ended up at your lovely Tamut website. I was intrigued at first, as I always am when someone decides to express their opinions, beliefs, and life with the rest of the world. However, I occasionally come across a website that makes me frown on what people consider worthy material to express on the web. Not only is content extremely lacking, but what few content there is contains nothing more than drunken ramblings about how funny something was, when it is indeed a sad situation. The fact that you regularly drink just to get drunk is extremely sad and pathetic, but ever sadder is the fact that you and your friends feel the need to share it on the web. You might find your drunken stupidity now, but I imagine it will be somewhat less amusing when you have sex with a man in a drunken stupor. It is just a matter of time. Here is a concept that is quite foreign to you: class. Instead of talking about how drunk of a crude idiot you are, try acting like a real man, a real gentleman. Life isn't about getting "piss-ass drunk" so as to have a good time in a state of intoxication. That is just a pathetic way to escape from your pathetic lives. And guess what, escaping your sad little world will only make things worse in the end.

Yes, many people 'mistakenly' end up at our website. When you are searching for porn (namely Kim Hoitt) our website comes up as one of the top results. Sorry to have interrupted your wacking off time. Content extremely lacking? I don't need to even respond to that. Whoa, about the whole sex with a man thing, I don't really want to here how you've gotten so drunk at your school that you all had a huge all-male orgy. Just because you do that when you are drunk does not mean that everyone else does as well. I think my fellow Typing Monkey said it quite nicely, "I admit that I was drunk, but geeze, I wasn't that drunk. Even if I swam in acid, I would retain the correct, heterosexual orientation. "

Well I generally don't like to pull out numbers and statistics out about school and grades but you really have to be shown up. So you are saying we don't go to class? That's strange because I went to every day of class in all my classes (except ECO., fuck that class). Brian also attended almost every class as well. But you know, class really isn't all that important. It's learning the material and making the grades. How about I give you an example since you have such a hard time understanding this. I showed up for about 6 of the 45 classes of my Macroeconomics class. 4 of those were the test days. With your immeasurable knowledge, you would say I'm a loser and would fail the class. But, I ended up with an A in the class for the semester. Wow, I can teach myself information and am intelligent. Yes, people like that do exist, just not at your school. Don't underestimate our intelligence. I worked 50 hours a week and took 14 hours last semester and still got a 4.0. Which leaves me with a cumulative GPA of 3.7. But I guess since I party on the weekends I'm a complete loser and not a 'real gentleman.' What the fuck is that supposed to mean anyway? I guess somewhere on our site we've shown actions not consistent with being 'real men.'

Yea, we know life is not about getting "piss-ass drunk" every night. Nowhere in our site have we ever said our goal each night is to drink until we blackout. We, unlike you, just aren't fucking pussies who sit at home and wack off every night. We party, drink, and know how to have some fucking fun. I think our stories and pictures explain for themselves about all the crazy shit we do. I'm sorry if you've never gotten laid except by your right hand or left hand on special occasions. I'm sorry if you've never done something stupid while you're drunk and laughed about it later. Oh wait you had sex with a guy when you got piss-ass drunk one time. I'm sorry for you just for that. Our sad pathetic lives huh? Hmm, good grades, good jobs, good schools, good partying, and good friends. I don't see one "sad, pathetic" thing about that. Maybe you could clarify?

Furthermore, I would like to comment on your site design and internet/computer knowledge. Not only is your concept of content and humor distorted, but your views on design and color are even more warped. All of your images are extremely overweight in filesize, and this would be okay if they were thrilling or something special, but they are far from it. Instead, they are large blocks of red and orange full of ugly white text. And your header/logo, is that your own building blowing up on the right? Further concepts of design include your text color and layout. White and orange on black is, well, interesting, to say the least. Further disturbing the eyes are the silly bright green rollovers on all your links. Also, upon examination of your style.css file and the rest of your main html, I have concluded that you are either a group of monkeys attempting the "thousands of monkeys on a type writer" trick. Cluttered around your tags and styles are unnecessary attributes, unheard of tags, and incorrect syntax. There is something to be said for sobriety when designing a website. Also, I was surprised to see one of you wants to be an MIS major, well I guess I am not surprised really. MIS is the type of field where people just "talk the talk" and only scrape the surface of computers and related topics. The true people that know what they are doing are digging deep down, where-as you and your drunk friends are still passing out while just skimming the surface.

HAHA! Oh man, when I first read this I couldn't stop laughing. Not only do you prove how ignorant you are, then you try defend your stupid ass beliefs. I will just go ahead and get real technical here to prove you lack of HTML and style sheet knowledge.

Images are overweight in file size? yea 1024 bytes (1k) really is so fucking huge. Damn, that takes all of, what, .2 seconds to load? Fuck, I don't know if I can handle waiting 1 second for the 5 images to load. "Ugly white text," Lord knows all white text is ugly, what the hell was I thinking? Building blowing up!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Damn! You have to be the stupidest mother fucker I've ever met from Texas. If you had any kind of fucking clue what-so-ever you would know that a picture of the Texas Aggie bonfire. Good God, with all the news about the bonfire lately I'd think everyone knew what it is by know. I guess I underestimate the ignorance of some people. Maybe I need to put a label there to help you comprehend the site? Yea white, orange, maroon, and black. To further baby-feed you information, those are the UT and A&M colors, fucking idiot. The lime green roll-overs, I personally like those. Oh, the HTML is cluttered? "Style .css file?" Where the fuck do you come up with the redundant names. To break down the acronyms (say it slowly with me AC-RO-NYMS, I know you have trouble with big words), you are saying "style cascading style sheet file." Which only someone with a minor amount of HTML knowledge trying to sound like he knows what he's talking about would say. Incorrect syntax? I'm sorry, there's not one syntax error in the entire site. If there is please point it out. You must have some new type of syntax because IE and NS both read it fine with no errors. Unheard of tags? Ah, proving again how ignorant you are. You're probably talking about the <'LI> tag that is in the .css file. That is call the "List Item" tag. The sets up a bulleted list outline. Or maybe you are talking about the font classes I have setup in my style sheet. Don't know what I'm talking about they are the items that look like "#meduim" or "#xsmall". Again, those are more tags that make a cross-browser site possible. Unnecessary attributes? You've obviously never coded a complex web site for Netscape before. While those are unnecessary attributes in IE, NS requires them. Sobriety in creating a website? Obviously you have never created a real site. You know one that more than just you and your mom go to that just has you in your band uniform on it.

Wants to be an MIS major? I am an MIS major. I'm on my second year in college and only have year left. That's right. I'll be getting my 4-year degree in 3 years. Scrape the surface computers? Haha. That's why I support networks for hotels nation-wide. Setup 6 computers on a Cat5 and BNC network here at home. Have a server with two NICs (one out to the cable, one to the internal network). The server has a DHCP server leasing out 1918 IP addresses and handing out all the DNS and gateway addresses. I setup a routing table so that the internal network is secure from any requests made from the internet (cable modem), but did setup port mapping on port 21 (TCP), 5631 (TCP), and 5632 (UDP) for my ftp server and my PC Anywhere when I'm not here. Did I mention I made all the cables for the network? But what the hell do I know about computers anyway?

In response to your constant slander of specific Texas Universities, I would like to say that I am going to a University in Texas that I am 100% positive you would not have been able to get into. The stiff academic, character, and integrity-demanding requirements are far from anything that any of you could hold up to. At my school, we laugh at people like you the way you laugh at people at Texas Tech, which is not a bad school. I am not saying that UT and A&M are horrible schools, or anything like that. I am just saying that you have no place to imply every other school in Texas is not as good as UT or A&M.

100% positive I can't get in? Hmm, when I first read this I figured you would at least go to a high ranking school (Rice). But after I did a little research I found you as a Senior in Finance at Baylor. Yea, such a hard school to get in. Don't make me laugh!!! "Stiff academics" man, I'm sure they are. I didn't go there purposely because I felt like having and controlling my own life. Not going to a school then pretending I'm some kind of holy man that is a great born-again Christian but still living the same life as before but now it's just hidden better. Actually we do have a place to say the other schools in Texas suck. The only school that ranks higher is Rice. Baylor isn't anywhere to be found in the rankings at all. So YOU definitely have no place to talk.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you are not in a drunken state when you read this letter. I would prefer for it to actually register in your head so that maybe you will better yourselves and stray from the life style that you have chosen thus far. In closing, I want to compare your website to watching Liberace get dressed. It starts off incredibly gay, but then somehow, against all odds, it gets even gayer.

Even 'gayer'? Haha, no comment. I don't think there's anymore to be said. You've definitely earned your spot as Dumbfuck #4.

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