"Continued Rebuttal to the Dipshit LCC Student"

I feel Brian's rant in response to Dumbfuck #3 , Louis, was just not long enough. I will pick up where he left off.

Damn, were should I begin. I'll just tear right down his letter and rip it apart piece by piece. He starts off as a typical angry LCC student. That's understandable. Anyone who is shown his or her own stupidity would be upset. So then he comments about UT, "half your fucking population are faggots. 25% of the other population are freaks." I'll admit there are gays and freaks in Austin. There are some in Tech too. I'll even say there are more in Austin than most any other college in Texas. But lets think about a very important fact here. UT is in Austin. Austin is a real city (it has buildings with more than 10 stories, unlike LCC) and with a real city comes a low class. Included in the low class are freaks. What LCC students love to think is that every person under the age of 30 in Austin is a UT student. I know that it's hard to understand and all, but most of the freaks that you see on 6th and the drag do NOT go to school at all. They just came as part of the package deal of being in a real city. Oh, one girl you knew got her wrists pierced. Damn, UT must have caused that because there's no way in hell that being away from her parents out in the real world on her own in the huge city of Austin alone could have caused someone to make any changes to herself. (that was sarcasm for you LCC students that didn't pick up on it) As far as the gays go, Austin is much less judgmental than other parts of Texas. Instead of running them out of town and completely criticizing their choices, we let them do what they want. It's their business. I'm not gay, nor do I even like the thought of gays, but if someone wants to do that, fine. Just not while I'm near them. LCC students prove time and time again their lack of respect for people that make decisions that conflict with their own. Hmm, who would want to go to UT? Probably someone who is going to be your boss. UT is the highest ranked academic school in Texas. You want solid proof? Go to US News and see for yourself.

Now lets get into this whole ‘partying and girls department'. We can both sit here and say we have bigger/better parties until our eyes bleed. So lets take a reliable source and see what they have to say. No source I know of is more reliable than Playboy . So I glanced through Playboy online and found two great statistics. 1.) - UT is #3 on The Top 20 Party Schools for 2000. That list actually was listed in The Princeton Review's "331 Best Colleges for 2001." Tech isn't even on the list. Go look for yourself. 2.) - UT is #1 (yes ,#1) on the list of Top Ten Colleges with the Best-Looking Girls. Again, Tech is not on the list. Playboy knows better than anyone in the world about beautiful women. I take their word as golden. Go look at that for yourself as well. So when an LCC says anything about either one of these subjects, it's just a bunch of bullshit.

Now about A&M. Yea yea yea.... we've all read that exact same rant by Jim Rome. I even posted it when we have our A&M-UT rivalry. But it really gets old. When I posted it, I mentioned that I don't agree with the shit at all. It's just meant to be funny. Unfortunately, LCC students use it as a defense of their own pathetic school since they can't come up with any shit on their own. It's not even worth rebutting. What I can say though is that A&M consumes more beer than all other Texas schools combined. There are far less drugs at A&M which causes more students to drink more beer. I know there is some statistic somewhere about this. But when all local grocery stores sell 15 gallon kegs, you know there is some serious drinking going down. As for football, it's not even worth ranting about. First, football doesn't mean shit about the rest of the school. Second, LCC isn't even close to really competing with A&M or UT in the long run in football.

Proud NOT to go to LCC,

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