Dumbfuck #3 - Louis

well, here's another thing you can put on your "dumbfucks" page. it's from me, and i go to texas tech university, which you like to call lubbock communtiy college for some dumbfuck reason. well i'd like to start off with a big FUCK YOU to all the ags and 'horns who like to visit this page. first off, on rebuttal to that comment about "faggots at lubbock community college". you go to ut right? yeah you do. you go to ut and you call people here faggots? you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. half your fucking population are faggots. 25% of the other population are freaks. the other quarter or so might be okay. maybe. but probably not. a girl that i went to high school with went to ut and when she came back, she had her wrists pierced. and ut has intelligent people there. how fucking intelligent is it to pierce your wrists? i didn't think so. that is the most freak bullshit i have ever heard. so, once again fuck you! austin is full of freaks and faggots. who would want to go there? oh wait, you must be a freak or a faggot. sorry if i've offended you. oh wait! no i'm not. fuck all the faggots at ut! and all the freaks! one big FUCK YOU! and i'm not done yet. i haven't even started with a&m yet. i think my friend jim rome said it best:

"There are some nice people at A&M. However......there is the Corp. East Texas' answer to dreams of ROTC kids everywhere. For every boy scout who never learned to stop playing with his GI Joe toys, there is the Corp. Now, forget the fact that A&M will actually let people with sub-par grades enroll if they agree to join the Corp. Forget the fact that the Corp looked like a Gestapo hate rally when beating down students (including one instance of tackling and punching a young girl) on Kyle Field in 1995. Forget the fact that along with the numerous hazing charges that have been filed against them, and swept under the rug over the years, they just this past month have had one Corp member bring charges against another Corp member who apparently had been propositioning others for a little autual sodomy. Not only could I go on with more instances of idiocy by these Khaki-clad-shaven-headed-dorks, I am sure each of you have your own stories. The point is: We all respect West Point, Annapolis, The Air Force Academy; however, nobody respects the Corp. I imagine they are kind of the laughing stock of the military world. Just because you dress like the Army and try and act like the Army, does not make you the Army. People at A&M don't even like these clowns. It is not cool to shave your head and dress up. Halloween is only supposed to be one day of the year. If you want to carry guns and beat up civilians, move to Israel. It is even less cool to slobber on somebody's daughter on national television and call it a tradition. Dry humping 18 year old girls in the stands at football games is not cool. Not only is it not cool, it should be against the law. I know that in College Station, students are prone to just mount each other on the campus lawn, or in the middle of class, or any time anything good happens you can just grab the girl next to you and start sucking on her face. But everywhere else in the world, it is looked down upon. Especially if you are doing it on my TV. That is why we had to move the game from Thanksgiving. Because people across the nation were gagging on their turkey when in the middle of watching a football game, some boy scout is tongue thrashing some overweight co-ed during somebody's Thanksgiving dinner. We do not need to see burly women engaged in a suckfest every time your woeful offense manages to put points on the board. Some of these girls are in desperate need of a trip to the Clinique counter. Screw that, forget make-up, it is too late for that, just give them a veil. Finally. College Station is an arm-pit of a town. Quit pretending that it is a great college town. It is a town, and there is a college there. That should be the end of this comparison. If you feel that life doesn't get any better than the Dixie Chicken, and enjoy being stuck in a never ending 'Dukes Of Hazard' episode, then move there."

which is where texas tech university comes in. the reason i came to tech. girls. which school has the best looking girls? ut? a&m? neither one, faggots. that is why you don't want to date anybody at your own school. because they're too fucking ugly. you know this shit is true. tech is not only ranked higher in the better looking girls department, but it also is a bigger party school. look it up. we at tech drink more than ut and a&m combined. quit thinking you party better and all that other bullshit. believe you me the party is in lubbock texas and you can suck my dick while you're with all those fucking ugly chicks. being with fat drunk guys in shit-brown overalls is boring. being with faggots and/or freaks in all black and black eyeliner with a higher voice than your little sister is boring. who gives a fuck that you beat us our first year with our new head coach. you don't do shit. you sit there and watch the game like a bunch of pussies. you can't do shit and watch us next year when we not only beat you, but we kick the ever living shit out of you. would you let a "communtiy college" kick your ass? i don't think so. we are for real and you can suck my fat white dick. and to all of you who created this site, a big FUCK YOU to all, and to all a good night.


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