"Rebuttal to the Dipshit LCC Student"

The following is a rebuttal to Louis' dumbfuck rant.

Ah, where shall I start on attacking Louis' monstrosity of a rant. Evidentally, he thought that an effective rant is comprised of false stats, a lot of cussing, and a long, extended quote from Jim Rome, the host of "The Last Word" who never met an insulting statment that he didn't like. Louis thinks that 3/4 of the UT students are freaks and faggots. Ah, the words of a person that has never visited the UT campus or even left Lubbock for that matter. UT is just a regular school, not the anal sex center of the state of Texas. Then, Louis went on to add the Jim Rome quote, but I think about everyone has read that several times by now. In fact, Matt posted that on the Rivalry Page prior to the A&M/UT game. Now, the bullshit starts to pile about elbow high. Accodring to Louis, we basically have the left over girls, and Tech is beauty queen paradise. He must have not gone through the the Pics because he would see a lot of hot Ags and Horns. Also, must I again mention Aggie goddess, Kim Hiott, to show more evidence that we have hot women. Of course, Louis also forgets that the Tech girls couldn't even get admitted into UT or A&M since we have these wonderful thing called admissions standards.

"Hey, I'd rather be pretty than smart. And that's just the way it is here at Tech."
-Mandy Garcia, Texas Tech student

Even your own students know that Tech isn't a real academic institution.

Ah, now to my fav part. Somehow, Louis believes that Tech outdrinks A&M and UT combined. What the fuck?!? There is no way that their 20,000 "students" can outdrink the 80,000+ A&M and UT students. He must be a math major. Then, he goes on to ramble some more until he gets to the part about A&M not being able to do shit about them beating us next year in football. By "do shit," I think he is referring to us lowering ourselves to the level of the Red Raiders and vandalizing their school after the game. Oh wait, we wouldn't do shit like that since we are already more mature than high schoolers. In summary, friends don't let friends attend Lubbock Community College.


Note: When Louis says to "look it up," he is referring to referencing the "Big Book of Bullshit- Lies That Tech Students Tell Themselves to Avoid Facing the Reality That They Actually Attend Tech."

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