Old Posts - November 2002

Old Posts - November 2002

Tuesday Nov 26th 6:43pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Ok, it is time I give this side of the board a little action...

Arcon 6.0cz download

Damn teasips always try to accuse the A&M ladies of not being attractive. I'll admit that we have some farmer's daughters that shouldn't have been let off the farm, but t.u. has their share of fugly women as well. Matt just doesn't see them because he is an MIS major, and if their business school is anything like our's, it is a haven for hot ladies getting their MRS. I'd have to cross some tracks and switch majors to even have a reason to venture to that part of campus, but I hear life is good there. I even know some engineers that venture to the West Campus library just for the ladies. And that's not to say our side of the campus is devoid of some good looking ladies. I have a nice group pic of some attractive engineers, but I don't want to post that pic and have a few of them think that I am indirectly hitting on them. That sort of thing just leads to weird looks during class. Instead, I shall post a few pics of attractive Aggie ladies.

Hex Rally Cancelled
Monday Nov 25th 5:25pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Holy shit....

Hex Rally Canceled

this is for real

Monday Nov 25th 1:44am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

So we got an e-mail from a Shea Trantham a day or two ago. I think he was trying to rant against UT, but I couldn't really tell. Here's his rant and my response:

Alright, if by "fine looking women" you tea-sips mean bottle-blondes that have fried their hair so much it looks like straw and the bleach can be smelled across the room, with an inch of makeup erasing any semblance of natural features, wearing clothes that would make a five dollar hooker on Harry Hines blush complete with the personality of a fencepost and with about as much brains because they are too busy trolling campus (in their SUV's, Mustangs, or BMW's) for half-drunk frat guys so that they can bring him home to Daddy and smile sweetly at the fact that she's fullfilled her MRS degree and can live the rest of her days at the Mall and the hair salon . . . then yes, t.u. definitly does have many more "fine looking women" than A&M.

End Rant.

Signed, Get Real tea-sippers
The Great Texas A&M University

My response:

Glad we're on the same page here.

Saturday Nov 23rd 12:41pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Ok, you want a rant from me about A&M? Girls. Good looking girls. Or at least a lack thereof in College Station. Now don't get me wrong there's some fine women at A&M but percentage-wise there just seem to be more fucked up looking girls. Well not necessarily fucked up looking, but kind of ragged out country tom boys. Maybe there's just some secret hiding place that all women get locked up at, but I haven't seen it. Or come within miles of it either since I ain't seen a big group of fine women.

More from other sources:
t.u. is not funny. It is NOT insulting. It is just dumb. Just imagine if folks from Texas kept talking about M&A, and giggling. That would not be funny. In fact, it would be retarded. That's why we don't do it. Please learn.

It begins again
Friday Nov 22nd 3:49pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Since this rivalry has been going on for so many damn years... I think that everything that could be said has been said and just repeated over the years.... so why not start off with some good traditional rants about the Faggies.

They won't shut up. They have to go on about spirit, and dogs,and old army, and red ass, and how bonfire represents the burning sensation they have in their urine to beat U.T., and blah bah blah. Shut up. You start to get the feeling their entire school was built to spite U.T. Forget the fact that when the Texas Legislature back in the 1870's passed legislation to start a state university they also decided to have a subsidiary branch of the main school (University of Texas) that would teach agriculture and mechanics. Ags love to say their school is older,from where they get that I don't know.........the fact is, the State intended A&M to be a branch of U.T. They are like afterbirth from the original creation. Like Danny Devito in 'Twins'. So they apparently have this complex,so much so, that they must devote their entire school to trying to prove to U.T. that they are just as good. All the while, nobody at U.T. denies that A&M is a good school, yet they won't shut up. So they write a fight song.......about?.......Texas, and how they want to beat us. They have a Fish camp for Freshman where they tell them how bad Texas is and how good A&M and all its traditions are. It is the worlds longest known case of penis envy, and it is manifested in everything A&M does.

Tuck Fexas
Friday Nov 22nd 4:23pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

There is no better way to start off the ranting about the liberal, pot-smoking hippies in Austin than with a rant about t.u. from one of the finest old Ags. It has changed from his one last year since the game is being played in Homoville/Hippie Town.

Ahh, it's that time of the year again in Texas. The humidity has dropped below 90%. Old Man Winter is chilling us to the bone with 70-degree temperatures. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And, of course, the annual A&M-t.u. game is coming up. Unfortunately for the Longhorns, the only turkeys they will see this year will be when they look in the mirror after getting slaughtered in their own backyard.

With pretty-boy Chrissy "Choke" Simms as captain of the Longhorn ship (appropriately named the U.S.S. Overrated II), the Ags are sure to whip t.u. like a red-headed stepchild. Simms may be touted as the shining star of the t.u. squad, but the only thing of Simms that will be shining after next Friday will be the chrome rims on his Cadillac. It'll be humiliating and embarrassing for Simms to drive around Austin afterwards, but thanks to the generosity of Daddy Simms, at least Chris's butt will be comfortably snuggled in the leather of his Escalade. Daddy Simms may splurge and buy Chris a car worthy of a B-grade rap video, but no amount of money will buy t.u. a win against the Ags. I'm sure Brent Musberger will comfort Simms after the defeat, though. After all, Musberger IS his biggest fan. And when I say "fan", I mean "gay stalker".

Of course, the Ags are expecting the t-sip fans to be true to form, which means airborne beer bottles, petty insults, and random tire slashings after their crushing defeat. Why am I so confident of a t.u. loss? One word. INTERCEPTION. Simms is an expert at throwing them in key games. That, and the fact that the U.S.S. Overrated II went down faster than a t.u. sorority slut when they played OU.

When all is said and done, the Ags will go celebrate another big victory, and the t-sippers who have managed not to be arrested for vandalism or public intoxication will pile into their VW Beetles, fire up the water bong, and slowly crawl back to their hippie communes with their collective tails between their legs. But the pain of losing will soon be erased in the minds of most t.u. students. That's the beauty of dope.


Rivalry Begins
Friday Nov 22nd 2:55am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Rivalry week begins!

Starting Friday afternoon we will change our layout to reflect rivalry week. and all posts above this until mentioned will include rivaly week.

Fuck the aggies!

that's right brian, you better get something up quick to defend your school

Monday Nov 18th 2:42am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian
Friday Nov 15th 9:23am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

So I talked about karma and all the shit down below. No, there's no karma here. I'm just the most irresponsible person alive. As long as I've had a wallet I've never lost it until a couple of weeks ago . . . . . and last night. That's twice in a month. And on top of that, I didn't loose it once, I lost it twice last night, I just got lucky once. We played quarters before we went out and I got really shitty. So by the time I made it to the bar I was pretty uncoordinated. As I walked in I put a piece of gum in my mouth and threw away the wrapper. Somehow I managed to toss my wallet in the trashcan as well. So I had to get the bouncer to take the can to the back so I could dig threw it like a fucking bum to find it, and I did luckily; only to lose it again. I swear to god!


I'll put up some random pics later today.

Words from Cunningham
Monday Nov 11th 5:16pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Today in my Management class William H. Cunningham (former president and chancellor of UT Austin) spoke to us about "leadership." But what he really ended up talking about was the past 10 years of the SWC and Big 12 and how UT ended up in the Big 12.

About 10 years ago while UT, A&M, Tech, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Rice, and Houston were in the SWC, UT was looking to get out of the conference into a more competitive conference both academically and athletically. They looked at the SEC and saw that there was good athletic talent, but Tier 2 academics. Then they looked at PAC 10, which was much more competitive academically. UT talked in closed conferences about joining. At the same time, A&M was going to joining the SEC successfully breaking up the SWC. Well the PAC 10 schools voted whether to let UT into the PAC 10 and Stanford voted no. It had to be a unanimous vote and the deal was a no-go. This meant that A&M wasn't going to the SEC because they didn't want to look like the bad guys alone. So the UT president went public to say "no, no, we were never going to leave the SWC. We love the SWC and we're going to stay here." Then the dumbass Stanford president calls up and says, "well we changed our mind, we'll vote yes for you to come in." UT president Cunningham basically said, "a little too late for that you fucking idiot."

So 3-4 years go by and once again UT and A&M are looking for a more competitive conferences. They worked a deal to split the SWC: UT and Texas Tech would go to the PAC 10 and Baylor and A&M would go to the SEC, the rest of the schools just didn't have the attendance or power to do anything. So what ever happened to that? All the PAC 10 schools wouldn't let Texas Tech into the PAC 10 because they were nowhere near academics of their schools. In every aspect Tech fell significantly below all the other schools. Even when UT tried to push to let them in, they just wouldn't drop to the sub-par academic standards of Texas Tech.

And that was pretty much all I wanted to say about that story. We all know how we ended up in the Big 12. Just thought it was funny to hear that from the former UT President.

Happy Super Tuesday/Guy Fawkes Day
Tuesday Nov 5th 11:55pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Today was an election day, and that means the long wait begins until I get my next fix of negative campaigning. Negative campaigning is one of the greatest sources of entertainment. There's nothing more entertaining than watching the GOP candidates try to equate liberal ideas with socialism. It always makes me want to get involved in some good negative campaigning. I think I should consider a more serious campaign for one of those coveted engineering senator seats this year. Although I would bring no actual political experience to the table, I could easily make up for that by convincing the small voting population on campus that my opponents were liberal, anti-tradition, bandits of some sort. A few signs like this would probably help out too. We'll see how that goes.

Today is Guy Fawkes Day, for those of you unfamiliar with this popular limey holiday check it out.

Halloween and Karma
Monday Nov 4th 7:40pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

What I think makes Halloween the best holiday of the year is not the fact that more alcohol is sold for it than any other holiday of the year but the fact that people throw parties for about a week straight before and after the actual date (which might be a cause of the former). I've thrown together a small mix of pictures from the past week and the parties which it entailed. You can see all the pictures here but it makes more sense if you read along.

Two Saturday's ago I went to a party out in Westlake. I don't know if the craziest thing about the party was the fact that there we people from 17 to 50 all partying together or this guy's costume.

A little off topic, last Tuesday and Wednesday I was in San Antonio for interviews and such which means they put me and the other interviewees up in a nice hotel for the evening and feed us expensive food. So what do you do that night while you have an executive sweet? Get a couple of the guys together and drink the night before your interview of course.

So come Halloween night, my roommate went to down to San Antonio to do some partying. This was his costume. He won $100 in a girl's costume contest (somehow he managed to enter as a girl b/c the guy's contest was only $50). To be honest I'm a little scared that he's my roommate at times.

Meanwhile, I was on 6th in my costume. For the 80% of you that don't get the costume, I'm well hung. I saw a lot of good costumes, but to be honest I think that this costume was my favorite all night. You can look at all the random 6th street pictures here.

So we make our way to last Friday where there is another Halloween party on west campus. In the midst of climbing trees and falling into bushes there was an undercover cop. So word gets out that he's around and some people leave. I don't care so I stick around. So about 30 minutes later I guess the guy busts out his badge and tells everyone to leave. I'm standing there talking to my friends drinking a cup of water because I got tired of dealing with this. I was feeling a little frisky so when the cop walks up to me and this is our conversation.

Cop:Drop your beer.
Me:It's not a beer, it's water.
Cop:I don't care, drop it.
Me:I can't drink water?
Dickhead Cop:Are you trying to argue with me? Leave the complex now.
Me:No, I was just wondering why I can't drink my water.
Dickhead Cop:Do you live around here?
Me (lieing):Yea, I live upstairs. I can't stand in my own complex?
Dickhead Cop:Put your hands behind your back.
Me (realizing my ride probably won't wait around):Fine take my water. (and walk off)

What an asshole. It's cops like that, that give cops a bad name. Whatever. But if you are underage, be on the lookout for these undercover cops. I've seen a lot of this lately.

Oh yea, and I didn' think I had the skills to create graphics for the public, but after seeing this sign I know that's not a requirement for the job.

Almost forgot the reason of the title of the post. I think the tides of Karma have finally waved my direction. In the past month I've lost my wallet, a belt and a brand new tie. But, just a couple of days ago I was going to the store to buy my friend some beer. He gave me $20 in the car and I just stuck it in the door pocket next to my (new) wallet. Not remembering the cash, I just grabbed my wallet as I got out. When I got in the store I thought, "man, I bet I knocked out that $20 when I pulled my wallet, I'd better go check right now." Sure enough, I get to my car and it's not there. I quickly tap my finger to my tongue and feel the direction of the wind and search in that direction. There it was blowing right in front of my car, the $20 bill. Two mexican kids were hot on it's trail so my friend and I hollered at them and they ran off and we scooped up our rightfully-owned money. Thank you Karma (or luck, whichever you want to call it).

I also put up a new poll to see if you like the new message board layout. You can see the results of the last poll regarding shitty neighbors here

PETE Partyin'
Saturday Nov 2nd 6:50pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Last night was one hell of a party. John(pictured above) put together a nice mix of a fully stocked bar, some kegs, and a bunch of people. Even one of our TA's showed up. The end of the night is a little fuzzy, but scotch will do that to you. Click here to see the rest of the pics.

Today has been a good one for college football excitement. A couple of the unbeatens fell, and it now looks certain that the winner of the VA Tech/Miami game will play the winner of the Big XII for the national championship. Time to see how Texas fares in Lincoln.