Old Posts - March 2002

Old Posts - March 2002

Bet Your Future Offspring on the Terrapins
Sunday Mar 31st 11:25pm by Cody - E-mail Cody IM Cody

Why shall Maryland whup on Indiana Monday night? Two words: Juan Dixon (or the black Steve Nash, if you like). Here's a little bit about Juan Dixon, or the Captain Applepants, as Maryland fans call him.

ssg hack team

He scored 33 points against Kansas, thus beating them single-handedly. He has never fouled out of a game. He rips Duke a new one most of the time they play. He has got some serious tattoos, that he may or may not have done himself. He is majoring in Family Studies, which I guess qualifies him to be a mid-wife or something. He played rhythm guitar on Journey's last album. Actually, he hasn't done that yet, but it has been the subject of many of my dreams.

Indiana has a bunch of good players and a coach who doesn't choke the players anymore, but they have no Juan. Without Juan, they are just a bunch of weiners from Bloomington. Maryland wins by ten, then makes the entire Indiana team make them pancakes. And yes, Juan Dixon would make a comely bride.

Put Your Wampum on Indiana
Sunday Mar 31st 11:19pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Since the NCAA Championship is coming up tomorrow night and I have always supported gambling, I figure I would give the people my pick. I'd put a few thousand kopecks and my VHS copy of "Who's Harry Crumb?" on Indiana. Indiana comes in as a very confident team on a roll. They proved they are a giant killer by taking down top-ranked Duke and Big XII Champion Oklahoma. Although Maryland comes in as an 8 point favorite, I still like Indiana in the championship. Their solid defense and phenomenal shooting has carried them through their first 5 games, and I think it will carry them to an NCAA title. Indiana needs to do two key things, however, to win. First, they need to contain the tournament's most dangerous player, Juan Dixon, who is averaging 27 pts/game in the tourney. Second, they have to stay out of a close game that comes down to free throw shooting contest where Maryland has a distinct advantage. It should be a great game, and I am sure Cody will have something to say about my pick because he would marry Juan Dixon if he could.

I figure the newest poll is quite fitting with the game coming up and all. The last poll results were overwhelmingly in support of us getting more bikini pics of Lindsay. The last poll results can be viewed here.

South Padre Pics pg. 5
Thursday Mar 28th 10:34pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Darlene's Dream Man

5th and final page of padre pics up. Click here to see them. These pics are all the pics from the rest of the week. I didn't take as many pictures the last couple of days; partly b/c I was tired, partly b/c I had other matters to attend to. I will have to say though that this is the best round of quality pictures, enjoy.

Here is the mental note log.

- Another pretty nice day out in the sun on the beach. Didn't get out until 3:30 or so. Didn't drink much on the beach today. Went to Tequila Frogs again. Were supposed to go to mexico but friend of a friend got arrested late in the afternoon for Sexual Assualt. It was total bullshit. I don't know the guy all too well but it really didn't seem like he'd be the type to do anything like that. But not much you can do when a girl accuses a guy of it. He ended up with just getting simple assault with a 350 bail. Frogs was alright, pretty good music except for with "Chingo Bling" started doing some mexican rap, that was just fucking retarded.

- woke up around 12, got to the beach around 2:30 after drinking a pretty good amount, was pretty drunk on the beach, had a good time. Went back to Mira Mar resort and partied there for early evening. Omar left today to got the condo to just myself today, hopefully I'll get a ride back to austin with someone else, probably darlene. hitch-hiked back to my condo to get dressed for the night if I go out, on day number 8 so I'm getting a little tired.

- last day for the beach. Got woke up at my condo at about 10, they said I had to check out at 10. So I had to gather all my shit and move to Mira Mar for the last day. Went to the beach, well actually walked by the beach and just went to another hotel to party. Foggy as hell outside. Coca-Cola beach didn't even play music, too many guys out there too. There was a huge riot out there. Lots of glass bottles being thrown and hit over people's heads, etc. Glad I didn't stay out there. Got really drunk that evening. I played the role of a true UT "tea sipper" and drank straight vodka out of a tea cup. But I did it the way it's supposed to be done, fill it up about half way and chug it, , then drink chaser. After about 8-9 of those and a half box of cheese nips I was ready to hit the club. Went to schlitterbahn beach, it was alright, same as always, never a real "club" feel to it. Just a bunch of mini-parties. But it was all good. Almost hopped fence to play in abandoned old water park, but sober friends wouldn't let me... maybe that was a good thing... maybe

- got up at 9 and got shit together to drive home (with darlene). I drove the whole way.... good ol' xenadrine kept me up for it all. Feeling very sick, going to take weeks to recover. Saw crazy car up on concrete wall, but side of car isn't scratched. wtf? Oh well, home now.

Click here to see Padre pics (pg. 5)

Betik For Senator?
Wednesday Mar 27th 4:51pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

When it comes to crazy schemes with no real forethought, I am the master. And today, another crazy idea popped into my mad scientist head. I have always contemplated running for some kind of office at TAMU. It is something that would look nice on a resume, but I usually get pretty apathetic about it. Then, as I was voting today, I discovered that I could vote for up to six people for engineering senator, but there were only four candidates(five minus one who withdrew). I had no choice but to write myself in. Then, I figured I should tell other people to do this. Hell, it can't take that many to get an office. So, if you are an engineering student at TAMU, get your ass to vote.tamu.edu and vote for Brian Betik as a write-in for engineering senator. I guess my craziness spread to Marc Mojica from WhatIsPlanB because he is also running as a write-in for engineering senator now.

Coming Soon . . .
Monday Mar 25th 11:55pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

You know how you hear that it's beer specifically that is so fattening (vs. other alcoholic drinks). Well it's not. So what I'm working on (in the midst of all other things) is a report that details the caloric breakdown of the 4 main types of alcholic drinks: beer, liquor shots, wine, and mixed drinks (which includes wine cooler type drinks). I can tell you now that the report will conclude that mixed drinks are by far the most fattening. Hopefully I'll have this done in a week or so.

Oh, if anyone knows of a nice report like this that's out already, save me the time and e-mail me the link. Even if it's just a good break down like this one it'll help.

South Padre Pics pg. 4
Monday Mar 25th 10:57am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
(Break in the dancing)

4th page of padre pics up. Click here to see them. These pics are all from Tuesday night at Schlitterbahn beach (club). Not my favorite club but a nice change.

Here is a kind of mental note log I kept for Tuesday night.

Tuesday (night):
- Hit schlitterbahn beach at night. Hitch-hiked there b/c I didn't want to wait. First ride was the baptist people, got tired of them hassling to me so I jumped out. Babtist people ask as I leave the van "I thought you were going down the island?" I reply, "yea, I changed my mind." and then ran down a couple cars in front of them into the back of a truck for the rest of the way. Mystical played, but only for 20 minutes, which sucked. Other than that, it was alright, not the best place, but a nice change. Partied it out at the radisson after that until about 7am when I finally crashed out.

Click here to see Padre pics (pg. 4)

Some Submissions
Saturday Mar 23rd 8:24pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I haven't posted in a while, but I figure I would get a quick one in now. Above is a pic that was submitted by one of our readers. All of the submitted pics can be seen on the Submitted Pics Page. And if you want your pics on TamUt.com, just send them to typingmonkey@tamut.com, and I will add them. Speaking of pictures, Lindsay is interested in doing Round 2 of the infamous bikini pics. However, she wanted to see if the readers wanted the pics on the site. So, I made a poll and give you the power. I am estimating about a 90% approval rate.

Since I added some submitted pics, I figure I should add a submitted joke. My girlfriend sent this one in.

Two things guys love to hear from a girl:
1. "When life sucks, so do I."
2. "I know 10 times more about blow jobs than I do about relationships."

And finally, Happy Birthday to Cody Wayne Maxwell Powell who turned 21 yesterday. You may remember Cody from such websites as sixteentons.net, Novaroot.com, and TamUt.com. Cody has also appeared in such stories as "That Tuesday During Spring Break That Neither Cody Nor I Can Remember."

Ok, it is time get all the ladies wet with my big gun.

South Padre Pics pg. 3
Friday Mar 22nd 11:32am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Keg Stand
(Innocent kegger-stander gets weggie)

3rd page of padre pics up. Click here to see them. These are the pictures from Tuesday at the beach when we brought a keg out there. Nothing in the world beats having a keg on the beach. Damn this was great.

Here is a kind of mental note log I kept for Tuesday at the beach.

- Woke up at 1pm and got some sleep finally. After much convincing we got the keg filled and brought it to the beach. First day of really nice sun. Totally partied it out with the keg on the beach. The greatest thing ever to have a keg on the beach. I bonged a lot of beer. One bong was about 3 and a half beers, I started to fill the bong like a normal bong but then everyone poured all of their beer in it at once until it over flowed to the top. I still put the bitch down, almost threw it up, but toughed it out. At 5pm there was still 1/2 left so we all started to do keg stands. All kinds of craziness.

Click here to see Padre pics (pg. 3)

South Padre Pics pg. 2
Thursday Mar 21st 3:34pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Drunk Mike
(Mike drunk on the beach)

2nd page of padre pics up. Click here to see them. These are pictures from Monday at the beach and mexico that night. Yes, if you were cleaver you could have found them before now, but I figured I'd post them on the home page.

Here is a kind of mental note log I kept for Monday.

- Woke up at 11 and worked out again. First day that we could actually hit the beach. Not really sunny, but good enough for everyone to go out there and party. Laughed at the people (mexicans) with beads to try to get girls. shows how pathetic they really are. Mike got lost from the group and got totally shitty. Found him sitting in the sand laughing at lord knows what. Played some catch w/ the football after the partying and music stopped. Seth nailed some girl HARD in the back of the head when he over-threw the ball once. She almost fell on her face and the ball bounced about 10 feet up off of her head. Mike passed out back at home, we got to fuck with him. He was at mad at us for leaving him. Hit crazy lazy's in mexico at night. Mike went out with his friends instead. Didn't get out there till late like always. It was pretty cool. A sauna inside crazy lazy like always. Saw brandon from d-ville. Got home at 5:45 or so.

Click here to see Padre pics (pg. 2)

South Padre Pics
Wednesday Mar 20th 12:20pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
(Matt's perspective of Louie's)

Well I got the first page of padre pics up. Click here to see them. I broke them off into parts b/c it takes a long time to size and adjust all these damn things. I'll get the next page up in a day or two. There will probably be a total of 5 pages, each page being better than the previous.

This first page of pics isn't the craziest, but really sets the scene for the rest of them. I kept a daily 'mental note' log while I was there. Here's what I wrote about the first 3 days (the days that are covered in these pics):

- Left about 4 in the afternoon for padre. Traffic was a bitch in austin. Hit Sam's club for some grub to bring down there. Had iopener in car hooked up to tape deck so we have a constant supply of music, kicked ass. Stopped in Kingsville at omar's parent's place, got more food and went on our way. Got to Padre at about 1:30am, didn't go out, but friends Jeff and Mike came back from the club drunk and were entertaining.

- went to the gym since it was the first day. Laughed at frat boys got letters tattooed on ankle. Hit Tequila frogs, really shitty from shots before going. Almost got kicked out twice for being too drunk. The second time I would have been gone except for the security guy had to go for some fight and I got away. Drank water all night to sober up (if you could call it that) while dancing and clubbin. Wet t-shirt contest good, didn't get many pics though.

- hungover, but still got up at 11 and worked out. Cloudy out again. fucking wendy and cold. Hit stores and chilled during the day. Went to bahia mar to chill at bar at 6. Short tech girl standing right next to me got MIP from TABC. Officer came out of nowhere and got her and the guy that got the drink for her. Good thing I wasn't drinking there. going to louie's tonight, will be really really crowded. Louie's was crowded but not as bad as expected. Scribble put on a great mix like always. I drank 6-7 shots before, was a little drunk but it went away pretty quick. Found a group of people to dance with all night. Ended up eating free pancakes outside and getting a ride with the church truck. Partied at the radisson hot tub and pool. crowded as hell, but fun. hitch-hiked a ride back down the island at 5:45am. Went to sleep at 6:30, the sun was up

Click here to see Padre pics (pg. 1)

Will Texas make it to the Elite Eight?
Monday Mar 18th 9:42am by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

I had a really nice abstract poll idea, but I had to go with the obvious for this week's poll. I figure the Message Board could use a good, non-football sports argument, and a poll is a good way to start it. In Oregon's last game, they played a weaker first half and needed a strong finish to hold off Wake's upset bid. In Texas' last game, they dominated the first 10 minutes of the game and then just barely held off MSU in the end. My prediction: Texas 50, Oregon 40 at the half, but the game is tied at 90 at the end of regulation. After three overtimes produce no victor, the game moves to the back of the Kohl Center where the winner of a two-man team skeet shooting tournament is hailed the winner. I'd make a real prediction, but I don't start my gambling until the Final Four. For the entire bracket, click here.

The last poll proved once and for all that the Alpha Beta's from the Revenge of the Nerds movies has more tools than the Omega's from Animal House. The final results can be viewed here.

Yea, I'm working on it
Sunday Mar 17th 10:15pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well I just got back from 10 days of straight partying in Padre. I'm pretty damn sick; who would have thought that drinking all day, not sleeping and screaming all day for 10 days would make you sick?

I'm working on the pictures and will probably have them up monday or tuesday. I got some sleeping to do tonight.

Back from the Break
Sunday Mar 17th 4:37pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Since I haven't posted in ten days, I figure it was time to get back in my posting groove. Since no one really checks out the site during Spring Break, I really felt no need to post. Some may ask how I spent my Spring Break. Well, mine wasn't all that exciting. I even remember it all except for a large gap Tuesday night. It is always interesting for your memory to flash from you singing "Bohemiam Rhapsody" at one place to you waking in your bed with no real knowledge of anything that happened in between. Despite just being a lazy bastard during the break, I still learned a few things that people might find helpful:

1. Splitting a handle of whiskey in ways thrice is a good memory eraser.
2. 30 is a legitiment bid in 42 within the Waco city limits.
3. My gambling problem reached a new height when I bet someone on whether the group would arrive at my apt during an even or odd minute. Luckily, my darts winnings for the night more than covered that small wager.

Now, it is time to return to watching even more college basketball. Luckily, the NCAA tourney started during the break this year. When it starts during classes, I tend to adopt a more relaxed class attendance policy. Watching all these great games reminds me of one of the greatest articles that I have ever read. Unfortunately, the online version doesn't have the pictures, but it is still good. Also, congrats to the Longhorns who advanced to the Sweet Sixteen with a 68-64 win over Mississippi State.

This is TamUt.com
This is Zombo.com

... and it ain't over yet
Saturday Mar 16th 1:06am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Yea, it's not chicks, but it's me and my crew. After busting our asses in the gym I figure we at least deserve some credit. Well I'm on my 8th consecutive day of partying straight in Padre and I figured after being drunk all day and evening I could come in early at 1 tonight to rest for my last (at least I think last) day in padre. I told my friends I came with that I'd find a ride home so hopefully I will. Otherwise my 10 day vacation may be extended. Ok, 5 minutes on the computer is too much for one night, I'm out.

South Padre, Baby!
Saturday Mar 9th 3:58am by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well now that I've made it to Padre and been a computer nerd by setting up my IOpener it's time to get a night of sleep before 7 days of straight partyin. The IO did a great job of supplying an endless stream of music and entertainment in the car down future interstate highway 69. I think we saw a little over 2 dozen police cars clocking spring breakers for speeding. So for the love of beer, don't speed on the way down here. The best thing about the drive though is the palm trees. As you get closer you see more and more of them and it just gets you more and more excited. Even though half my crew pussed out, there's still going to be 8-10 of my boys chillin' down here. I'll be sure to take pictures so that I have a way to remember the trip.

If you aren't going somewhere for spring break, that sucks for you! haha

Beethoven's Ninth
Thursday Mar 7th 6:30pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Due to popular demand, I am bringing a little something from the Message Board onto the homepage. It is a copy of one of Ross' posts, and I think you will all enjoy it.

Only 2 more days (approx.). Conan O'Brian did analogies last night, inspiring me to make a few of my own:

1. Spring Break:College Student::Happy Hour:Ted Kennedy

2. My college loan:Panama City::Texas Tech registration fees:Bobby Knight

3. Me:this Friday's classes::President Bowen:Keep the Fire Burning rallies

4. Freshman in Padre:TABC::Bin Laden:USAF

5. Pride and Honor:mother's feelings as she watches her son accept his diploma at graduation::Devil's fury:girlfriend's feelings as she watches boyfriend accept BJ on Girls Gone Wild--Spring Break!!!

Deep, huh.

And if that wasn't enough good reading, here is some more stuff I found amusing. I noticed we were getting some hits from some Hobbes threads, and so I decided to check them out. Here are the two threads which were sending us some traffic:
coolest website ever
Is Tech a "real" school?

I also updated the poll. I was advised to give a little more explanation, but I figure I should let the people figure this one out. Here are the results from the last poll, and I must say that I agree with them. Ah, just one more day til Spring Break...

Tuesday Mar 5th 9:55pm by Brian - E-mail Brian IM Brian

Sorry for the lack of posting recently. I have been busy and just utterly discouraged to do anything after our hot water heater broke...I mean watching porn. Oh, I should've stuck with the first excuse. Anyways, this weekend was pretty good. Friday brought with it plenty of gooddrinks, multiple tattoos(1|2), and some random cat that kept trying on getting into The Bar. I am guessing the cat had some kind of substance abuse problem and was trying to get a fix inside.

Well, if Matt is going to make a high school reference in his post, then I shall too. Well, not much to do now. I think its time for Plan C.

Flash to the (HS) past
Monday Mar 4th 4:27pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt

Well I went up to Ft. Worth to party this past weekend at TCU. It made for some good times, but definitely a different type of crowd. Weird going to a school so conservative that your frat has to take a bus to an unknown destination every time you have a party so that no one can drive there. Then when you get there the place has half a dozen police and TABC officers monitoring all your activities at the bar and dance floor. The people are different as well. Namely the women. Pretty much if they don't know you and know that you have $$$ then they won't say so much as say hi. Reminds me of a high school clique having a dance, only different is the TABC watching over you rather than your principal. But all things considered it was fun enough.

With only days left until we leave for Padre, I'm getting more and more anxious. But with 2 tests, a mid-term paper, and defensive driving having to be all completed by thursday I won't be able to pre-break party much. All I know is that it better keep getting warmer in Padre. Here's the Padre weather forcast. It's not looking too great for this weekend with storms and such. But that won't stop us much from drinking on the beach in the rain. Maybe we could sport our ski jackets so that we can bare the great weather. Well, whatever.

One Week
Saturday Mar 2nd 12:10pm by Matt - E-mail Matt IM Matt
Great Warm Weather

As you can see, Mr. Snowman is having a great time getting ready for spring break. Only one week left and he's happily standing around in his 30 degree weather. Follow Mr. Snowman's advice and "wrap your pipe(s)" tonight!

I, on the other hand, just want to kick the snowman right in the FACE! This weather fucking sucks. Padre is going to be freaking cold next week I'm sure and we'll be sporting sweaters and ear muffs.

But that's no excuse not to keep going to the gym. And as you stand behind fat ass one-weeker while he lifts 10 pounds. Just slap them in the back of the head with your cock. They usually move if they don't get knocked out.

Last night we hit up a couple of parties. Nothing crazy off the hook type shit, but good fun. Met up with a couple pimps and had a couple of drinks. Tonight I'm heading back to A-town for an evening. We'll see if anything exciting happens there.