South Padre '02 - Page 1

Page 1 from South Padre spring break '02. This is probably the most dull set of pics since it was the first 2 days there and it was cold as hell.

Here is a kind of mental note log I kept during these days. I wrote some each day so that I would remember what happened. Pics are right below. Or click here if you are too lazy to scroll down the page.

- Left about 4 in the afternoon for padre. Traffic was a bitch in austin. Hit Sam's club for some grub to bring down there. Had iopener in car hooked up to tape deck so we have a constant supply of music, kicked ass. Stopped in Kingsville at omar's parent's place, got more food and went on our way. Got to Padre at about 1:30am, didn't go out, but friends Jeff and Mike came back from the club drunk and were entertaining.

- went to the gym since it was the first day. Saw frat boys got letters tattooed on ankle. Hit Tequila frogs, really shitty from shots before going. Almost got kicked out twice for being too drunk. The second time I would have been gone except for the security guy had to go for some fight and I got away. Drank water all night to sober up (if you could call it that) while dancing and clubbin. Wet t-shirt contest good, didn't get many pics though.

- hungover, but still got up at 11 and worked out. Cloudy out again. fucking wendy and cold. Hit stores and chilled during the day. Went to bahia mar to chill at bar at 6. Short tech girl standing right next to me got MIP from TABC. Officer came out of nowhere and got her and the guy that got the drink for her. Good thing I wasn't drinking there. going to louie's tonight, will be really really crowded. Louie's was crowded but not as bad as expected. Scribble put on a great mix like always. I drank 6-7 shots before, was a little drunk but it went away pretty quick. Found a group of people to dance with all night. Ended up eating free pancakes outside and getting a ride with the church truck. Partied at the radisson hot tub and pool. crowded as hell, but fun. hitch-hiked a ride back down the island at 5:45am. Went to sleep at 6:30, the sun was up

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