Site's Intent

Why did we make this site?

Many people ask us why we made this site. The answer is simple- drunk exploits are funny. Sober people, despite possessing full coordination and the ability to speak clearly, are just not as funny as drunk people. That is why we provide all college students the chance to enjoy the drunken exploits featured on our pages. We only limit submissions of party pics, drunk stories, etc. to the 80,000 combined students attending UT or A&M(We think this will give us a sufficient base for material). We could allow other Texas colleges to submit material to us, but why? Texas Tech isn't a college so they are already disqualified. Baylor is a little too full of "Bible Thumpers," and we would get tired of deleting 99% of the e-mails we would receive from the people within the Baylor Bubble. Tech students, however, are subject to the Dumbfucks Page as Kelly, a Lubbock Community College student, has already proven. That is enough about us, so go look at our crap.

Enjoy and Gig 'Em Aggies/Hook 'Em 'Horns,
The Webmasters