"Lowered Expectations for America's Wang"

Okay I am fucking fed up with this election nonsense in Florida. Címon people, are Americans really so freaking stupid that we canít even vote properly? Letís seeÖI am a liberal, I live in West Palm Beach county, and I want to vote for Al Gore. Fair enough. Well, apparently I also have an IQ of 16 because, even though I somehow passed 3rd grade - maybe even high school - I am unable to punch the hole next to the arrow for Al Gore. Now, instead of asking for a new ballot to correct my mistake, I am going to drop it into the ballot box, leave the voting place, and then cry and bitch about it! Jesus Christ people, is it possible to be such a moron?!? They have to dumb-down the entire political process in this country as it isÖnow we apparently have to create ballots with big, puffy pictures of each candidate to push so that the fools in West Palm Beach county can vote for the right person. Idiot-proof voting. What pisses me off the most is that these people are only furthering the stereotype that Americans are ignorant morons who have no concept of personal responsibility. When we fuck up, we donít blame ourselves and move on. Instead, we desperately try to find someone or something to blame our mistake on, because God forbid we actually admit we fucked up. I voted for Buchanan by mistake because I have the intellect of a 4-year-old childÖ.now Iím going to whine and complain and demand a revote! Screw the Constitution! Iím not the idiot, the system is! Would these people really be complaining so much if Al Gore had won? Hell no! They are sore losers. Sore losers with IQís less than 50, at that. And olí Jesse Jackson is the biggest hypocrite of them all. He is leading a protest of the ballot design in Florida. Well, it turns out that his son was elected to Congress from Illinois using...the same ballot design! Thatís right...Jesse will protest the ballot design in Florida, but surprisingly he wonít protest the SAME BALLOT that elected his son to Congress. That is the definition of a hypocrite. Geez, our society is turning into a bunch of whining crybabies that donít want to accept responsibility for anything. We act like idiots and then we blame everyone and everything except ourselves. Hell, at least when I act stupid I admit it and laugh about it. This debacle is turning us into the laughing stock of the world, and the fucking babies in Florida arenít helping things. I donít give a fuck who becomes president anymore, because whoever it turns out to be, he is gonna have a shitty 4 years after all this. DOWN WITH STUPID FLORIDIANS.


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