Okay folks, here it comes: the Kumquat's views on religion. Now, I'm almost certain that if posted, this will start a big ol' fuckin' firestorm on the message board, but fuck it, I'm inebriated and feel like typing about something I'm interested in. Okay, here it goes: Organized religion is politics and nothing else. Now understand me here, by organized religion I mean religious organizations on a grand scale, not individual churches. Individual churches are a great thing so long as they promote the good qualities in humans rather than condemning the bad. It's when people start judging others in the name of God that I have problem. For instance, take homosexuality. That's a hot-button issue for many Christians. There are some religions on a national level that choose to oppose homosexuality. I ask why? What does that accomplish. I say our soul purpose on this rock is to be happy. Why get in someone else's way of achieving that happiness? If two men decide to shack up together next door to you, what does that hurt? Nothing, that's what. And please, please don't come at me with "the Bible says it wrong" bullshit. I ask you, what makes the bible right? Why is the bible the word of god and not the Koran, or the Vedas. Because you were born in a Judeo-Christian household, that's why. People really need to learn about the history of a book they cherish so dearly. The bible was written by many different men over the span of a millennia. The books that are included in it were decided by a counsel of cardinals in order to boost the popularity of Christianity about 1500 years ago. Just keep in mind people that I could write a book, say it was inspired by God and if enough people believed me, it would become Truth. All religions began as cults. Christianity is just a cult that succeeded. Now, I'm not an atheist, don't get me wrong. I do believe in a higher power. I'm a Universal-Unitarian. It goes by many names actually: Deism, monism... all pretty much the same. It's known as the philosopher's religion. Anyway, I grew up in a Lutheran household, went to church every Sunday, and all that jazz, so don't think I'm the product of a heathen household... I'm the product of free thinking. It's my belief that everyone on earth is worshiping the same deity, but since no one can possibly know what's right, everyone is wrong. Is there an afterlife? I don't know, I lean towards no, but I don't pretend to have the answers and anyone who does is lying. Sure, you can have faith in the afterlife, but that's not an answer... it just faith. Now, back to what I was talking about earlier with politics and all. Individual churches are great so long as they promote the good in man and aren't all fire and brimstone shit. I grew up in a church like that and I would like my kids to experience the same. But these politics that these churches play is just bullshit. Like the Southern Baptists not letting women be preachers... what the hell is that about? I mean damn folks, if a woman wants to spread the word of god, why not let her? It's not really that that pisses me off, it's when people claim someone is wrong or bad because god says so. I mean what the fuck? Every single person on this planet has their own unique perception of God. Why impose your beliefs on someone else? I love all these people who are like "God hates this! You will burn in hell for that!" How the fuck do you know? Did you talk to him? No? Well then shut up. A good example of this is the abortion debate. Now, if you came at me with an argument about when you can actually consider an embryo a human, I'll listen, but once you drag God into the debate, you've already lost. Your God does not need to be pushed on anyone else. Now, I could go on at length about other topics, namely evolution. Damn, I could go on about evolution, but the alcohol has worn off and I'm tired. I'll just sum up my views with this: fossils = tangible evidence, bible = excellent story. Anyway, I implore you to not clutter up the message board with your retorts. If you want, you can flame away at kumquat@tamut.com


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