"Rebuttal to "Dubmfucks Out The Wazoo"

In response to the rant submitted by Petus, humorous it may be, and entertaining, he should've cogitated about what he was writing. I took personal offense to his comments towards The Corps Of Cadets. He referred to it as a joke and the '136th line of defense.' It produces more officers in the United States Military than any other ROTC program in the country, save the three military academies. Joining the Corps, as stupid as it may seem to you, takes more courage than you'll ever possess. Not to get too serious here, but I've personally put more blood, sweet, and tears into the Corps than you have ever put into anything in your life. Have you ever worked as hard as one of us for something? You have no idea what we do, how hard we work, and how much fun we have. Next time you refer to the Corps as a 'bunch of sheepfuckers,' try doing it in the face of a cadet. I don't know how they'll react, but I think my own proclivities, an often lamented fact of Corps lore, have been made clear.

Also, what makes you think you are so vastly intelligent you leave us all behind. Who cares if you are an engineer on a scholarship, lot's of people are, so am I, but no one cares. I'm sure I've made plenty of grammar errors. Just as you made errors in your attempt to mock someone's rant. And if you can't find them, maybe you aren't as smart as you think.

On a smaller side note, I will gladly debate organized religion with you anytime, and assure you I won't break. I don't consider it wasting my life to have fun, peace of mind, a clean conscience, and confidence in not the 'finality of life,' but the security of living forever.

In Conclusion, I did not write this Rant to mock another person, or put down their beliefs or values, but to defend my own. I can only imagine you were thinking that individual conscience at odds with established authority was eternally relevant So, and I hope the majority would agree, don't write a rant based on ignorance and with loose intent. Anyone can write profanity, but not everyone can write the truth.

Your Crazy Aggie Friend,
Dan Long

P.S. Tech does suck though!

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