"Sigma Chi's at Virginia Tech Game"

alrighty.. i'll make it short.. basically, a frat and about 30 guys sat behind and around us.. decided to bring in 6 bottles of whiskey.. also alcohol in plastic baggies... get drunk off their ass..... fall down and push us... one of the guys said "sorry, its okay cos we're in a frat", my friend #1 turned around and said "NO, yall are acting like a bunch of dumbasses, who cares if you're in afrat", and he responded with "fuck you". if i would have heard that, i would have got all up in that, but i didnt. so we continue the game... they're making fun of the yells... doing F-R-A-T-SSSSSS.... sayin stupid shit... they werent uncovering & humping it... so i started being loud and passing bak & yelling 'uncover & hump it' so they'd actually do something. well the drunk one behind me started yelling at me... "UNCOVERRRR, guys we have a fucking 2 percenter here in front of us.. the bitch wont uncover!!!!" i had a fucking towel on my head. my friend #2 started chewing him out, i turned around, and went off on him... some stuff i said was.. "i have lost all the little respect i had for greeks today because you stupid ass drunk fuckers... greeks are supposed to be pro tradition? what the fuck, yall arent even participating,yall are disrespecting shit and being annoying... yall have made this game the worst game ever and i'm ashamed to be an aggie b/c of how yall act" said some more stuff.. gotta love adrenaline... and he was like "i'm not with those guys, i'm with this guy next to me" and we were like shut the hell up.... THEN, to make things better... the guy who fell on my friend #1 twice... fell 3 rows in front of him, head first.. and ate his shit. call it bad bull of me to not pick him up.. i dont care, i looked at him and turned the other way.

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