Rant against Rants

I'm tired as hell of listening to other people rant on and on and on about stupid, inane shit. I mean, come on, some of the shit that people take the time to rant about would make a fact checker yawn. One dude went on about how great communism is because he doesn't want to pay 85 cents for a coke. Are you seriously advocating communism cause you think your getting jacked for a soft-drink? If we were living under communism we wouldn't have coke, we'd all be drinking some vile concoction made out of turnips or something because it came first and the government is protecting it. Stuff is good because you have to compete without the protection of a government, not the other way around.

Another person actually said that fossils=tangible evidence. Are you serious? Most physics profs still say that gravity isn't a proven theory just a covienent mathematical formula that holds down the fort until something better comes along (thanks Dr. Anderson). The missing link is a missing link because he's missing, people! Stop accepting "tangible scientific evidence" at face value: it's usually biased and oftentimes wrong (i.e. the atom as the smallest particle in the universe, light is the fastest thing in the universe (it's not, it's just that nothing accelerates faster, but that's probably wrong too)). I mean, just cause you have an opinion does not mean you are entitled to it. That's right, this could mean you.

As a poli sci major I have to listen day in and day out about people bitching and moaning about the state of the country and the government despite that half those people don't vote and the other half have no fucking idea (besides what the biased media spoon feeds to them) what the hell they're talking about. It's like they make half the shit up to support their opinion. So this brings up the tail of my rant against rants. You have a rant. Fine. Good for you. Keep it bottled up inside unless you can show verifiable proof that you are intelligent enough in that field to express that opinion to the population at large. If not, then button up your word hole and tell your pet how stupid the rest of the country is while you eat your spagetti-o's.

P.S. I, as a political science major, who am trained in nothing other than political processes and the ability to argue, have the right to rant about rants. P.P.S. I hate studying for finals.

-Shea Trantham

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