New Cell Phone Features

Today, cell phones have more and more features available. Some are useless and others are quite practical. However, were these features created to help man or just to cover the manufacturer's past mistakes? I would have to go with the latter. A great example is customized ring sounds for each individual incoming call. When cell phones first came out, they could merely make and receive calls. However, this meant that you had to answer each call because you didn't have fancy voicemail either. So, this left one susceptible to a call from an ex, and there was nothing you could do to avoid this. You could just not answer the phone, but then you might miss a call from the new girl. So, phones started coming with the caller id. Then, you could screen the calls and not have to answer some whiny bitch's phone calls. This seems like the perfect solution. Then one night, you go out and have a few too many. You get a call, and your vision is too blurred to read the display. Hoping it is a call from the new girl in an amorous mood, you answer with a suave "How you doin'?" To your disgust, you get a response which you don't bother to listen to because you instantly recognize the voice as that of the ex. You immediately hang up and drop the phone while screaming "Burn it! Burn it! Send it to hell!" How can one avoid this situation? This is where the manufacturer covers their ass once again by allowing you to customizing your rings. Now, you can associate your ex's numbers with the theme from Jaws, a tornado siren, or whatever works for you. While you're at it, you might as well associate your "friend's" number with some cheesy 70's porn background music. I recommend "Bow chicka wah wah." It is a classic.


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