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irony - The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning. An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning. A literary style employing such contrasts for humorous or rhetorical effect. Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs. An occurrence, result, or circumstance notable for such incongruity.

I thought long and hard (a contradiction to most "LCC" students according to your website) about whether I should respond to your challenge or not. I must admit that at first, your comments upset me. Then I realized that I was letting the author of a "I got so drunk this weekend" website bother me. So the purpose of this rant is to say, "Nice try...you clever leader of TamUt.com. You almost got me to bite." I imagine that you wanted to make such harsh comments so that Tech students would get mad and send in some asinine emails attempting to insult you. I have seen a lot of those on your site, and if I do say so myself they are ridiculous. I also must admit that I am by no means an English major. I probably will make many grammatical mistakes in this email for your users to see. But...I have frequented your boards for a year now I suppose, and have noticed that the retarded rants that my fellow Raiders send in are not the only pieces of "literature" that contain errors of various sorts. This is the second email that I have sent to your site. I was lucky enough to have the first one put on the coveted rants page instead of the Not-so-smart area. For that I thank you. I do not know the fate of the email, but I'm bored and feel like testing my luck. So here I go with a few thoughts.

I think that it's ironic that students from A&M try and belittle our university in both the academic and athletic area. Woe to those who forget that until the 70s, A&M was also considered the red headed stepchild in Texas. These days you are a well respected university...as you should be. Your administration has done a superb job of bringing A&M to a Tier 1 status. Think about this before you choose such harsh words for Texas Tech. We are now in that very same position. I hope that the past 5 years are just the beginning of our uprising just as the 70s were your beginning. John Montford has started something special here, and I believe that the next chancellor will continue where Montford left off. I also believe that this will eventually earn us the respected Tier 1 status that UT and A&M now have. Unfortunately I cannot predict the future. I really would like to say more, but I really must be getting back to work. In my heart I would like to talk about some of the other improvements that Texas Tech is making at it's young age, but I suppose that you do not really want to hear and would dismiss it as wishful thinking. Just remember...everyone has to start somewhere. And at the age of 76, Tech is just starting. Thank you for a fun site and keep up the good work.

Garrick Bailey
Texas Tech University
Class of 2001

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