"Another Rant"

in responce to the rant dissing the corps. i am not in the corps, i want to state that before i begin.

the corps has commissioned more officers than all the service acadamies combined, yeah thats right. James Earl Rudder, former president of A&M started the Army Rangers. So the next time your freedom(like freedom of speech, which lets stupid people post dumbfuck ideas that are nothing for than total irony) is challanged, and you look towards our armed forces to protect that freedom, there is a good chance that the men and women protecting your freedom are being commamded by an Aggie. is that hard for you to grasp? look more aggies doing amazing things. holy shit, they never seem to stop. you need to check 12thfan.com and look at our Red, White and Blue Out game...we sold over 70,000 shits and raised over $150,000 for the victims of Sept. 11. All done by students. just one more instance i was proud to be an Aggie.

Gov. Perry is an Aggie. Another Aggie in Charge. Ouch.

i also like how the best thing about tech according to some is the hottness of the girls. is that a degree at tech? what kinda job is offered for people graduating from that department? oh, and just for the record, Miss USA is an Aggie...shes damn hot too.

i think i read that College Station is an "armpit" of a town in a red radiers rant. shit, man, i love it here. and apparently the other 46,000 students do too, or atleast most of them. and i am guessing the 20,000 students who will apply here next fall like the town too.

Adam Smith
Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of '03

PS: FUCK YOU red raiders

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