"Oh you poor Red Raiders"

oh, where do i begin? ok, well, i am new to Texas. i moved here before my sr year of high school, having lived in Virginia before. i deiced to visit the many schools in Texas. first was TCU: not a chance, too damn small and like high school. SMU: i am not that rich and Dallas sucks. Tech: didn't even go, best choice i have made in a while. UT (normally tu, but i respect your school): didn't really like Austin, i know most people laugh when they hear that, but its true, not my scene. Baylor: haha. Sam/SFA/Southwest: too smart. then, on a cold November morning i went with some friends to a little ass town off highway 6 to see this Bonfire thing that i heard so much about. thats all it took. i am now an Aggie, and i will be til i die.

(for anymore who thinks it might be funny to respond to my rant by saying something about Aggie Bonfire, you better think twice, dont fuck with Bonfire)

i soon learned that LCC thought of us as their rival....RIIIIIIIGHT! we dont really dont give a shit. we care about Texas, OU, K-State, Neb. and other various schools, but, honestly, just stop, and painting the "T" thingy outside Kyle Field after we beat yall this year was very classy, showed your sportsmanship and awesome art skills. When we beat #8 K-State they went to the Chicken with us and drank beer, they even paid for a few same with our near victory over OU, very cool and nice fans, take fuckin notes when they beat yall next year, and the year after that. i think the only reason that tech fans come to A&M and Texas games is so they can see what a real school is. schools where you pretty much have to be in the top 10% to get in, schools that turn away 1,000's of people every semester...you all wish you went here...

now to the beer drinking comments. here in college station, we drink more beer than we use water, we are bud's #1 county in Texas and we have the Dixie Chicken, nuf said. i know that our 46,000 can take your 20,000 any day of the week, and you know what the cool thing is? we still make grades! thats right! cool concept huh? they do the same at Ut, and bunch of smart people who can party as well!

here are just a few more things Tech wishes they had:

Fightin Texas Aggie Band
6th street
stores that sold beer in town
a football stadium that seats more than 50,000 people
degrees that mean something
a rival
traditions that OTHER people know about
12th Man
Robert Earl Keen (you can have Pat and Cory, they just dont compare)
websites like this!
Thanks and GiG 'Em,
Adam Smith '03

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