"Sydicated Communists"

What are the benefits of Communism? This was the topic of conversation I was approached with just the other day, in the mist of America's monopolized two party system's ironic joke of conventions to nominate an already predetermined Presidential nominee. Why had Communism failed...? Was it the economic power of Democracy choking the very life-force Socialism is based on ... was it the so called 'Cold War' ... was it McCarthyism ... was it corruption ... or was it ignorance.... We believe a democracy is the perfect government, just as a Soviet would believe the mirrored idealism, with just as much life-sacrificing motivation as many Veteran American's ... one believes their government is superior simply to the fact of the location of their birth. Accident of conception should not be the scale of political power. Take a look at benefit's of Karl Marx's' vision before dismissing it as a far off evil force of the stereotypical 'Russian' we have been given since childhood, with G. I. Joe, Rambo, and Iron Eagle propaganda. For instance, we have all been under the conspiracy controlled power of carbonated drinks for decades. The price of the average 'coke' is kept artificially high in this free enterprise market we hold so dear. In a socialist scenario, there would exist only one corporation, run by elected officials, to supply the consumers. No money would be wasted on advertising from television to billboards in Time Square. I think Edward Norton said it best, "When deep space exploration backs up, it will be the corporations that name everything..." This unified company would drop the price of our bubbly beverages to Sam's Club values and beyond with the huge market supply depending on one producer. The profits of this business (being operated by the government) would go to the reigning political body, hence lowering taxes and leaving more revenue for the government. This system could be applied to any market, from toaster pastries to Eibach Performance Springs. In conclusion, consider the possibility of a Socialist Society, or as I like to call Neo-Socialism. Loosening the reigns of the failed Soviet ninety year experiment in Communism. Making government control minimum, where there is still plenty of Job Market competition, but mass corporations. Where there is hardly if any tax, but free medical insurance. Where prices are low, but salaries are high. Where we are not forced into believing laissez-faire is the end all, be all of economic intelligence, and not suffocated by billionaires deciding the destiny of workers and lives on the whim of how much Corporate Downsizing cushions their billfold. True freedom is not only freedom of religion and speech, but freedom not to be controlled by such powerful, industrialized, dollar green, gold plated, egocentric driven tycoons.

The Last Free American,
The Syndicated Communist,
Grady Niblo

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